Carl Froch | Biography

Carl Froch born on 2nd July 1977 is an English boxer. He has won the world champion professional boxer title for four times. He has also earned the title of WBC super middle weight champion for two times in the past. He is one of the prominent boxers of his time. He is also known as The Cobra, The Sheriff of Nottingham and Nottingham Terror. It is an interesting fact that Froch in his early years wanted to become a football player. But destiny had other plans for him and today he is one of the renowned professional boxers.


Froch has a massive built. He has to since he is in such a profession that requires him to have a physically strong and masculine physique. He is six feet and one inches tall.  Boxing requires strength, endurance and speed. Froch undergoes massive intense training for his games. It’s certainly not easy to be a boxer. It is perhaps one of the most physically demanding sports because one has to constantly move, bounce, punch and do all the mental calculations while being repeatedly hit in the face.


Froch has boxed with several numero uno boxers. He has fought against big names like Pascal, Taylor, Andre Dirrell, Mikkel Kessler and many more. He has seldom lost the challenge and many a times he has shined victorious in the ring. He is admired and respected by his fans. He has played several games in his career. He started his amateur career while he was only nine years of age. And he got into the hardcore profession in his later years. All of his games and his professional achievements have been well framed in the Wikipedia.


The very handsome and the ever victorious Carl is in very lovely relationship with partner Rachael Cordingley. She is the top model of United Kingdom. She is extremely sexy and gorgeous. They both seem to be madly in love with each other. Rachael has always stood by his side and understands the intensity and his love for the boxing. No wonder, these guys have managed to remain together for so many years. They both have two children together. He is the proud father of his son Rocco and his beautiful daughter Natalia. The four are living a blissful family life. He is at present living at Nottingham, Nottinghamshire at United Kingdom with his family.


Carl is already the age of thirty five. But his love for boxing is never ending. He puts his profession and work at the top most prior. It has taken him a lot of effort and sacrificed to become what he is today. And it’s no surprise that many aspiring boxers and athletes do look up to him. His sincerity for his work is a tremendous motivation to a whole bunch of people out there.


Carl is also no stranger to the increasing popularity of the social networking sites. He is on the twitter. He tweets every now and then. His admirers could follow him and become more up close with his life.