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Cardale Jones Is Not Gay | His Salary, Girlfriend or Wife Jeaney Durand

Learn About Cardale Jones Is Not Gay | His Salary, Girlfriend or Wife Jeaney Durand. Cardale Jones is an NFL Player Whose Height is 1.96 m.

A few years back, not many had Cardale Jones on their watchlist. Not many did google Cardale’s Wiki. And recently the NFL enthusiasts are pumped up about the Cleveland, Ohio-born.

Basically, who would love to read about a third-string footballer? Not, your fault. But the guy craved his way to the top, starting in the Big 10 Championship game. The guy shot to fame after he became a national champion.

In fact, Cardale Jones led Ohio State to the national championship game with a triumph over the Oregon Duck side.

His sudden rise in the spotlight hasn’t been the only good thing coming from the guy. Well, Cardale Jones is a father now. If you look at Jones in today’s date, the guy is living the best life he could have ever imagined.

Asking Jones about making this big as a player and on a personal note, he would have laughed at it. But, that’s all lies in his past, for his present days are all on roses.

Here’s what lies to Cardale Jones’ story.

Cardale Jones Is Not Gay

The National Football League alum, Cardale Jones is not gay. Here’s what you need to read about Cardale’s gay issues.

Cardale Jones has lived most of his life as an underwhelming athlete. But, the most underwhelming aspect of his life has to be his social media presence.

In fact, Jones’ tweet is listed in the list of The 20 Greatest Deleted Sports Tweets of All-Time. A number of times, Jones has found him in sexuality talks, making tweets he might find embarrassing if he is to read them in today’s time.

Probably, with Jones putting his nose into that sort of sexuality talks, people couldn’t help but wonder if he is gay.

And if you are one of those, Cardale Jones is not gay.

Well, he has a lovely girl by his side and the pair is parents to a little baby girl.

NFL Quarterback Cardale Jones’ Salary, He Pockets $2 Million in 2020

Aged 27, Cardale Jones could have earned a great deal of money, only he had managed to perform at his current level while he started out like a pro.

But, better late than never. Jones’ current form has earned him a lot, lately.

Cardale made his first NFL year in 2019. On January 14, 2019, he secured a contract with Los Angles Chargers. The contract earned him $645 thousand in 2019.

Philip Rivers, Melvin Ingram, and Russell Okung were the big time earners at the Chargers in 2019.

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On November 4, 2019, he signed with DC Defenders of XFL. The details of his current contract with the Defenders are not published, but he could be making a lot with the Defenders.

As an American football quarterback, Cardale Jones has garnered a net worth of $2 million.

Girlfriend or Wife Jeaney Durand, Meet his Daughter Chloe Jones

Cardale Jones is with girlfriend Jeaney Durand for a few years now. But how long, is not known. They are yet to walk down the aisle.

So, Durand is still Cardale Jones’ girlfriend.

In November 2019, the couple welcomed a baby girl together. They named her Chloe Jones.

If you wish to google Chloe’s pictures, better not. The Jones family is yet to release Chloe’s pictures. Also, Cardale’s Instagram is shy of family pictures. We might just have to wait for the time being.