Cameron James Pettit Net Worth, Age, Family (Mac Miller) Instagram, Social Media

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Cameron James Pettit Net Worth, Age, Family (Mac Miller) Instagram, Social Media

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Rap and Drugs are like the siblings to Hollywood these days. About a year ago, rapper Mac Miller passed away because of a drug overdose. Recently, Cameron James Pettit is alleged for supplying those oxycodone pills.

According to, Cameron James Pettit delivered the pills with the opioid fentanyl. Apparently, the fentanyl is almost 50 times stronger than good quality heroin.

Cameron is a chef at Sayers Club according to his facebook profile. Moreover, he has done some philanthropic works as well.

He is charged with the distribution of the controlled substance alongside trafficking. As per multiple sources, he could face up to 20 years of prison.

On top of that, the investigators have found some direct messages on his Instagram account. Those messages directly point him to be guilty.

Here, you will know all the facts about his net worth, bio, and family. Moreover, we will be talking about his social media presence and details on the case.

Cameron James Pettit is an executive chef with a net worth above $1 million – His bio

Cameron James Pettit has a facebook profile describing his career and work. Apparently, he works as an executive chef at Sayers Club.

He is a ‘Hollywood guy‘. In fact, it’s his nickname due to his side business of drugs and substances. 

Moreover, he has covered his tracks through some philanthropic works. He donated for a Civil Rights Project fundraiser program in Texas.

Petit also was a participant in the protests against the ‘North Dakota pipeline‘ in 2016. Looks like, he does know how to play a double face.

Nonetheless, on the positive side of career, he has always worked as a chef. Previously, he worked as an executive chef at SimpleFoods.

These are only the sources of his income in front of our eyes. He has always been a ‘Hollywood guy’ to deal with drugs and substances.

There is no assumption of how much money drug dealers make. Therefore, his net worth is difficult to predict.

As of 2019, his net worth must be in millions but most part of it should be illegal. Apparently, that is not going to matter if he faces jail time.

Cameron James Pettit is 28 years old – his age and family info

As of 2019, the suspect Cameron is 28 years old. Details of his date of birth are not available. However, he must have been born sometime in 1990.

He is originally from Granite Bay, California. There is no public information about his parents and childhood as well.

Although, claims he was arrested twice before in 2010. As a matter of fact, both charges were related to drugs. He has quite a career there, I see.

Cameron deleted his Instagram account and created a new handle – Social media, Mac Miller

These days it’s almost obvious to investigate a case starting from the social media presence. The cases become strong through social media messages and posts.

Cameron James Pettit also had some Instagram conversation with Mac Miller before his death. Mac Miller ordered 10 bars and a ball as per his conversation.

In fact, those were drugs and oxycodone pills. Pettit delivered it to Miller through a sex worker Karla Amador. He even paid for her time.

Likewise, Miller also transferred $340 to Johansson with a caption ‘for cam’. The case has become strong against Pettit.