Cameron Diaz | Biography

Standing 5’ 8’’ Cameron Diaz is a prominent American actress as well as a former model. Born with her full name Cameron Michelle Diaz on 30th August, 1972 in a city of San Diego, California, United, this beautiful actress is the daughter of Billie Joann (nee Early) & Emilio Luis Diaz. During the previous days her father worked in the Union Oil Company of California (UNICOL) while her mother served as an import- export manager. She has an elder sister named Chimene Diaz. Cameron holds multiple descents through her parents, Spanish from her father whereas German, English & Cherokee from her mother. Her upbringing was in Long Beach city, California along with her sister. On 15th April, 2008, Cameron faced her father’s death, at his 58 due to severe pneumonia.

Cameron Diaz has carried out few long- term love affairs with Carlos de la Torre, a famous video producer (from 1990 to 1995), Matt Dillon, an actor (from 1995 to 1998), Jared Leto, an actor cum singer (from 1999 to 2003), Justin Timberlake, a singer cum actor (from 2003 to 2006) & Alex Rodriguez, a basketball star for the New York Yankees (from 2010 to 2011). At present, this Hollywood bombshell is unmarried & has no any children. About the query on why she is still unmarried, Cameron, in October of 2012 stated Esquire magazine that, marriage just wasn’t the actual thing she was careworn to. The decisive California girl, Cameron with a far-fetched beach toned figure, surfed up flaxen hair & laid-back fashion trend might have her own signature style, however that does not implies she glues to the tenet book, as this style icon is never afraid of trying out with new-fangled fashion. This spectacular beauty confessed that she had even underwent couple of plastic surgeries including Botox, breast implants & nose job but at present expresses her regression after Botox mislaid her outlook “in such a weird way”, despite her fans feels she looks further more dazzling with her enhanced emergence.

Shortly after her high school graduation from the Long Beach Polytechnic High School, Cameron Diaz forwarded her steps towards the fashion modeling. At the time she was 16 & initially dealt a contracted with Elite Model Management, a well known modeling agency. At her 21, she was cast for the lead role in the 1994 highest grossing movie ‘The Mass’, launching Cameron as a flourishing Hollywood sex symbol. Rising in prominence all through the 1990s through her significant roles in the films such as There’s Something About Mary (1998) & My Best Friend’s Wedding (1997), she appeared in numerous top profiled credits movies then after, including Any Given Sunday (1999), The Holiday (2006), Knight and Day (2010), Bad Teacher (2011) & The Green Hornet (2011). She as well received acclaims for voicing Princess Fiona, a popular character in the franchise ‘Sherk’. Currently, Cameron holds the total projected net worth of 90 million U.S. dollar which she has grossed all through her Hollywood career.

She may perhaps be approaching 42, but stunning Cameron Diaz has often made it obvious she isn’t actually alarmed about getting aged. One of the top Hollywood actresses who is well recognized for her decease- defying hobbies loves sky diving as well as likes swimming with giant sharks with no confine. In addition, she time and again reveals her keen interest about her all time favorite spare time stuff, i.e. playing “World of Craft”, the popular online game. Posing herself as a Hollywood sex symbol since several decades, Cameron has even branched out herself from the acting career & provided her support to various not for profit aids, including AIDS Project Los Angeles, Children’s Dental Health Clinic, African Wildlife Foundation, Roar Foundation, Red Nose Day, Pathways to Independence & Children’s Defense Fund.

Oscar Queen since 1995, Cameron Diaz, since her days in the early modeling has given her best to reach the audiences & hit the Hollywood film industry & of course the red carpet. Her endeavor throughout her film career turned out tremendous making her one of the best Hollywood actress of all time. Garnering numerous honorable award nominations for her movies contributions, she has as well bagged a Golden Globe Award (1998), American Comedy Award (1998), Boston Society of Film Critics Award (2001) & a Chicago Film Critics Association Award (2001). In the year 2013, Cameron was titled the maximum paid Hollywood actress above 40. In addition to this Hollywood bombshell’s biography, a close glimpse towards several of her biography pages can be obliged.