Cam Coldheart Net Worth, Age, Wiki, Height – Da Baby and Cam Coldheart Fight

No matter the scandal, there are always paparazzi and media following to capture celebrities’ moments.

Whether it’s shoplifting, drugs, affairs or fight, the cameras have captured and released for the people to enjoy (and judge).

Some of you probably heard about the celebrity feuds between Cam Coldheart and Da Baby – both musical artists.

No matter the reason, the things between Cam and Da Baby heated up and went physical. The super awkward moment has been caught on camera!

Hence, keep scrolling to know the full story. Also, up ahead, is everything you need to know about Cam Coldheart!

How much is Cam Coldheart Net Worth?

Cam Coldheart is an emerging rapper from North Carolina, who recently got into a fight with a fellow rapper. The online feud made him an overnight sensation with people googling about the fight and Cam’s details.

After going through a very public and messy fight, we understand that the rapper decision to stay under the raps.

Because of which, we are unable to report Cam Coldheart’s net worth or career media at the time being.

Even after hours of digging on the web, there isn’t a piece of single music or songs released to his name.

Rapper Cam Coldheart Age and Height

Hip-hop artist Cam Coldheart is a grown African-American man, but his age isn’t mentioned for now. Given his private nature, the rapper hasn’t freed information on ‘when he was born’ or anything related to his personal life.

Cam Coldheart is a stereotypical African man with a strong muscle, towering height, and well-sculpted physique.

Similar to his rapping forte, he wears baggy outfit, has ‘over the top’ personality and always accessories himself.

Cam Coldheart Wiki

The hip-hop artist may be thrust into the limelight where secrets come to light, but he seems to a ‘king’ of privacy.

We get it, everyone is interested to know single little thing about the rapper who recently got knock out by Da Baby.

It’s really hard to track down the details about rapper Cam and seems like he’s super private, with good reason.

Cam, however, isn’t this closed-lipped about his recent fight with fellow rapper Da Baby. Over time, we released that over-sharing just isn’t his style and which is why he keeps a lower profile.

Nonetheless, Cam Coldheart doesn’t have his Wiki page, and other online sources haven’t disclosed his bio as well.

What Went Wrong – Da Baby and Cam Coldheart Fight?

According to the source.com, rapper Da Baby beat up fellow Cam Coldheart on Saturday. The two rappers were inside the Louis Vuitton store when their fight kicked off.

In the video, it starts with Cam recording and provoking Mr. Da Baby, calling names and using slangs. Rapper Cam started recording him bulling Da Baby with insults.

And, later Da Baby starts recording his scene, with him slowly approaching towards Cam. The end of the video shows Cam throwing the punch.

When the ‘Suge’ rapper couldn’t take it more, Da Baby punched him and left him with a bloody face.

Da Baby has posted the videos to his Instagram with a really cheeky caption. And, as per Cam Coldheart, he was attacked by the rapper himself and his security guard.