Calvin Klein | Biography

In the list of international fashion designers, one of the most prominent stars is the world renowned leading fashion designer Calvin Klein, who is famously known as “the Supreme Master of Minimalism” and “Calvin the Conqueror”. This talented designer took birth during the year 1942 on 19 November. Born Calvin Richard Klein in Bronx, New York, U.S. to Hungarian Jewish immigrants, he inclined towards the fashion industry since his teen. While his friends were busy playing and hanging around, he has already started to shape his career by indulging himself in creative activities related to fashion, like sketching, stitching and more. Raised in his birth place, he went to the High School of Art and Design. Though attended Fashion Institute of Technology in New York, he never graduate rather worked as an apprenticeship designer in 1992 at Dan Millstein, to gain the practical knowledge and excels at his skills.

With his irresistible persona, he is able to lure any women’s heart. This handsome hunk has been married twice and unfortunately both of his marriage could not work. He married his college girlfriend Jayne Center in 1964. The couple is blessed with an adorable child. His daughter Marci works at NBC’s Saturday Night Live as a Talent Producer. Jayne Center – Klein and Calvin Klein were divorced in 1974. After spending single life for over a decade, he decided to tie knot with his assistant, Kelly Rector in 1986. The duo divorced in 2006. He then dated ex-porn star, Nick Gruber for two years since 2010-12. The seriousness of the relation was seen, when Calvin threw a lavish birthday bass for his new found love on his 21st birthday. As he is very much interested in politics, he has donated considerable amount of money to candidates of Democratic Party.

His passion for design and clothing stemmed from his childhood. Calvin Klein spent considerable amount time designing for several New York Stores before setting up his own venture. By 1968, stirred up by the unpretentious and fresh fashion approach of New York’s youth, Calvin along with his finance partner and childhood friend Barry Schwartz launched their fashion empire. After his promising debut, Calvin got acknowledgement for his elegant, easy to carry sleek design. His breathtaking and striking designs were featured in Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar.  In early 70’s, Calvin introduced his trademark tight fitting jeans with branding his own name on the backside pocket. His key to success was his persuasive and provocative advertisement strategies. After conquering the jeans world, he enlarged his empire by adding women’s underwear lines and became the first one to design masculine type of underwear for women. His controversial and pervasive ad campaigns have kept Calvin under criticism throughout his career. Over a course of period, the brand has encompassed several other items, including accessories, eyewear, fragrances, swimwear as well as home décor market. The brand though began with clothing designing, today includes a large of other luxury products. He is operating his stores all over the globe with its headquarter located in New York. His passion has paid off him well as he has grabbed several prestigious awards for his contributions to the fashion world. The awards include Coty Award, the Council of Fashion Designers of America Award, CDFA and America’s Best Designer Award. Conquering the fashion industry till date he has garnered net worth of seven hundred million dollars. The major source of his income is his company.

Calvin Klein is well known for his “casual chic” clothing, fashionable yet casual creations created for working women. He is undeniably one of the most influential and thriving American clothing designers at the present context. By the age of 72, he has conquered the entire fashion industry and has become one of the most respected designers, with more than a billion dollar venture and an indomitable name brand. His distinctive fashion sense and marketing strategy has helped him to create undeniable impact in the global fashion industry. As of his passion and childhood interest, he loves to design. He grew up playing with cloths. His fans can follow him in his social networking sites. His detailed biography can be found in wiki and other internet sites.