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Buffie Purselle
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Buffie Purselle might be the name of most of you have not heard of that often. But, she is someone one should know about. You might ask why is that. Well, here’s why.

She is a serial entrepreneur. And, a successful one at that. In the same way, she is the founder and managing member of Buffie The Tax Heiress.

This company provides not just tax-related services to business houses. In fact, it also provides payroll, business management, and bookkeeping services as well.

In this way, she is most popular for Buffie The Tax Heiress. But, now, she has hit the spotlight for another reason. And, that is, she will be joining the reality TV series, Married to Medicine. So, people will be getting to see her in an upfront way soon.

Buffie Purselle Husband

Buffie Purselle, who will appear on the Married to Medicine soonis married. And, she tied the knot with the love of her life.

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#swipeleft I can't believe that we have been together for almost 20 years. On this day in Paris, France at the beautiful @fsparis hotel you made me the happiest woman in the world. That day was like a fairytale and the days, months, and years after have been as well. Marriage isn't always a fairytale but you've done a pretty damn good job of making it as much like a fairytale as possible. Ten years ago when we found out that I wasn't going to be able to have children I thought that the fairytale would end but in true Super Dave fashion you wiped away my tears and said "don't despair – we have pups, nephews and nieces, and most importantly we have EACH OTHER." I've never met a more loving, kind, generous, thoughtful, sensitive human being and I am thankful that you chose me to be your wife. #happyanniversary @askdrdavidp . . . . #marriage #anniversary #swirl #swirlatl #interracialcouple #mixedcouples #love #loveislove #happywife #husband #life #smile #happiness #weddings #paris #wife #france #thepurselles #blackandwhitephotography #wedding #drdavidcpurselle #buffiepurselle #fairytale #marriagegoals

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In the same way, his name is Dr. David Purselle. Likewise, they have been together for more than two decades now. The couple got married in Paris, France.

He is a well-respected and recognized psychiatrist from Atlanta. And, he is the commonwealth of Puerto Rico as well.

In addition, he is an author and a researcher too.

Buffie Purselle Age: 41 years old


There are no records of her age on the internet as of now. But, according to her twitter post a year ago, we have found out about her age.

Buffie posted this last year. So, according to this tweet, she was born on the 20th of January in the year 1978.

This means she is 41 years of age as of this year. In the same way, her birth sign is Aquarius.

Buffie Purselle Children

Talking about Buffie Puselle’s kids, she does not have any. And, she revealed in one of her Instagram posts, that she is unable to have children.

So, her loving husband stood beside her even after knowing that. If this is not true love, we do not know what is.

However, they have fur babies and they are freaking cute. And, they have an Instagram account as well which is run by their parents, Mr. and Mrs. Purselle.

Buffie Purselle’s Height: 5 ft 7 in

Talking about Buffie Purselle’s height, she looks pretty tall. But, there is a lack of info on this matter.

Hence, as of now, we do know just how tall she is. Nonetheless, if we have to make a wild guess by looking at her photos, she might be around 5 feet and 7 inches.

But, again, we are not sure about it. So, we hope we find out about it soon.

Buffie: Wiki/Bio

Buffie Purselle is a serial entrepreneur. Likewise, she is the founder of Buffie The Tax Heiress. 

And, she has been working in the field of her profession for many years now. In the same way, she will be soon featuring in the show, Married to Medicine.

Besides being an entrepreneur, she is a philanthropist as well. Likewise, she attended college at Georgia State University. But, she dropped out thinking it was not necessary.

Buffie Purselle Net Worth

Buffie Purselle has had a great career. So, it is certain that she has earned a great deal of wealth. However, her estimated net worth is not known.

Married To Medicine

Likewise, Buffie will join the American reality TV show, Married to Medicine, this season. So, get ready to see her.