Why Was Bryan Riley Arrested? Everything on Bryan Riley's Arrest News

Bryan Riley, while wearing his full body armor, allegedly shot and killed a family in Florida.

According to CBS News, the victims include a 33-year-old mother, a 3-month-old baby, the baby's grandmother, an 11-year-old girl, and a man named Justice Gleason. The 11-year old girl shot seven times survived the crime and is expected for a full recovery. Bryan shot the mother while she was still holding the child.

Bryan Riley seemed to be mentally possessed as he visited the victim's house and conversed with Gleason saying that God sent him and he needed to talk to one of his daughters, named Amber, who's going to commit suicide. The conversation was nine hours before the shot. However, Gleason responded, saying there was no one with the name Amber.

The authorities believe that Bryan did not know the victims and the shoot was random.

Does Bryan Riley Have A Wife?

Bryan Riley is not married, but he sure does have a girlfriend.

In the investigation of Bryan's killing, his girlfriend cooperated. She informed the authorities that Riley had been suffering from mental health conditions. She also stated that Riley had PTSD, but she said Riley was never violent.

Riley's girlfriend said that Riley proposed to his girlfriend in July 2021. She was in shock when she heard about the shooting. She was not aware of any drug use.

Bryan Riley's Family Reveled

The information on Brian Riley's Family is not known yet. However, it is known that Bryan Riley killed shot and killed a family while the family's mother was still holding her child.