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Bruno Tonioli is an Italian professional dancer, choreographer and television personality. Bruno Tonioli is better recognized as one of the judges on BBC One’s dance competition, ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ and its American version ‘Dancing with the Stars’ on ABC TV.

Quick Info

  • Birthday: November 25, 1955 (age 62)
  • Ethnicity: Mixed
  • Nationality: American
  • Profession: TV personality, dancer and choreographer

Bruno Tonioli Partner- Jason Schanne and Children

An eligible Italian bachelor Bruno Tonioli is in a longtime relationship with his gay partner, Jason Schanne. Accompanied by his boyfriend since 2000, fans are wondering when whether this cute couple is getting married soon or not!

A prominent gay role model, Bruno shares a happy relationship with his 18-year-long partner, Jason Schanne. The couple reportedly started dating in 2000 and ‘Dancing With the Star’ judge has always been open about sexual orientation.

Bruno and his long-term partner Jason is reportedly preparing for marriage that could take place anytime soon! Bruno who started living in London since 1975 is currently living his man there.

Quick Info

  • Parents: Werther and Fulvia Tonioli
  • Partner: Jason Schanne (2000-present)
  • Children: N/A
  • Marital Status: Unmarried

Birthed in Ferrara, Emilia-Romagna, Italy, Bruno is a multilingual personality, speaking five languages fluently, English, French, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese.

Born into a middle-class family, he was raised by a bus driver Werther and his wife, Fulvia who used to stitch car-seat upholstery. Along with his parents, he lived in his paternal grandparents’ house until he was 12.

While growing up in a strict Catholic household, his sexuality as a gay was never accepted and had suffered bullied throughout his youth.

Bruno Tonioli Age- Height and Weight


Standing 5 feet 7 inches tall, Bruno Tonioli is a sexy Italian man with a well-sculpted physique and nicely frame long face. With his fitted body, dreamy brown eyes and fairly medium height, he is literally defying the law of aging.

Bruno has remained ripped and good-looking with his growing age. He is on his way to turning 62 this November 25 and still looks absolutely fabulous. His gray colored hair, maintained fat-free body, a winning smile and his exotic accent makes him so irresistible.

Quick Info

  • Height: 5 feet 7 in (170cm)
  • Body Measurements: N/A
  • Plastic Surgery: N/A
  • Weight:  N/A       

Handsome, toned up, olive complexion and extremely well dressed are few of the qualities of this Italian hunk. All these years of dancing have left remarkable result on his body as his muscles are toned and tight!

With being extremely rich, it might not come as a surprise that he wears branded clothes, drives expensive cars, attends/throws luxurious parties and lives a life of riches.

Bruno Tonioli TV Shows- Dancing With the Stars and Strictly Come Dancing

Bruno Tonioli became a household name as a longtime judge on ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ and ‘Dancing with the Stars’.

He is a top dancer/choreographer who has worked in a number of plays, music videos, films, television series, concerts and commercials with high-profile celebs like Elton John, Tina Turner, Michael Jackson, Paul McCartney, and Freddie Mercury.

Career Timeline

  • 1980- He participated at ‘A Song for Europe’ which was held at the BBC Television
  • 1983- Danced in Elton John’s ‘I’m Still Standing’ music video
  • 1998- Choreographed that year The Brit Award event followed by 1990 & 1991
  • (1998-1999)- Choreographed the Miss World beauty pageant
  • (2004-present)- Appears as one of the judges on the British television dance programme ‘Strictly Come Dancing’
  • (2005-present)- Since that June, he appears as one of the main judges on ABC dance completion show called ‘Dancing with the Stars’
  • 2008- Won the viewer-voted completion at the ‘Dance War: Bruno vs. Carrie-Ann’, earning a contract with Hollywood Records
  • (2009-2010)- He was the judge on the British tour of ‘Strictly Come Dancing Live’
  • 2012- That September, he released an autobiography called ‘Bruno Tonioli: My Story’
  • 2016- Played the role of a dance teacher in the season two episode of the American sitcom, ‘Fuller House’

Bruno Tonioli Net Worth and Salary

Bruno Tonioli Net Worth: Bruno Tonioli is an Italian television personality who has a net worth of $10 million. A noted choreographer and former professional dancer draw $30 thousands per episode as his salary.

Besides dancing, his filmography includes ‘The Gathering Strom’, ‘The Parole Officer’, ‘What a Girl Want’, ‘Ella Enchanted’ and ‘Little Voice’ among others. Theatre credits include ‘Forbidden Passion’ ‘Godspell’, ‘The Man Who Thinks He’s It’ ‘La Vie Parisienne’ and many others.        

Quick Info

  • Net Worth: $10 million
  • Salary: $30 thousand per episode