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Bruna Mascarenhas Age (Sintonio) Height, Wiki, Boyfriend, Family Bio
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Bruna Mascarenhas is an artist from Brazil. She is playing the role of Rita in Sintonia that airs on Netflix since 2019. She aspires to be an actress. Originally from Niteroi, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, she currently lives in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Bruna Mascarenhas: Age

Bruna Mascarenhas is 25 years old. She was born in 1994. However, her full date of birth is not available yet.

Bruna Has An Average Height


The details about Bruna Mascarenhas height and body weight are unknown. But, we can assume from her pictures that she has an average height.

For a Brazilian, Bruna must have an average height of 5 feet and 3 inches. She looks like she has an amazing body as seen on her Instagram pictures.

Bruna Mascarenhas: Wiki

As said earlier, a lot of things are not public about Bruna. She studied arts at CAL-Casa Das Artes De Laranjeiras in Brazil.

Before doing the role in Sintonia, she might have done several photoshoots. She also looks like a dancer. But sadly, there is no detail available for her early careers.

At this time, she is sharing the screen with MC Jottape and  Christian Malheiros in Sintonia.

We can find Mascarenhas on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. but she lacks her Wikipedia page.

This beautiful lady has 2,249 friends on facebook. More than 45000 people follow her on Instagram and she has more than 20000 Twitter followers.

She posts about her work, her family and her friends on Facebook and Instagram and twitters.


Bruna Mascarenhas Boyfriend? Is Bruna Single in 2019??

Well, you never know someone is at what point of relationship with who, until that person chooses to talk about that.

So, it is hard to know about Bruna’s boyfriend & love life as well. For a beautiful and independent lady like her, maybe her career is the most important thing right now.

OR MAYBE NOT….. So as for now, we can assume her to be single.

About Bruna’s Family

For Bruna, the family is a very important thing. She shares a very good bond with her family.

Her parents are Luisa Mascarenhas Pinheiro and Marco Antonio.

She has a brother whose name is Victor Vargas. Her family went together with her on the premiere of her show. They look very happy together.


They seem to be traveling together and having a great time. Also, she shares a very special bond with her brother.

Furthermore, her friend Jean Coue who is also an artist has a very special place in her life.

Although a lot has not been revealed about Bruna, we can easily assume that she is a simple person. She likes to live a happy and content life.