Brooke Elliott | Biography

The charming Brooke Elliott is an actress and a singer by profession. She belongs to American nationality. She was born on November 16, 1974 at Minnesota, United States. She was born to a city manager, Robert and his wife Kathleen Elliott. She grew up with her brother, Adam Elliot and sister, Jamie Alexander. She attended Gabriel Richard High School and later completed her graduation from Western Michigan University where she majored with Bachelor’s in Fine Arts.


Brooked always had a passion for acting from her early years on. She enjoyed being in the limelight. During her college years, she participated in dramas that demonstrated her acting abilities. After completion of her studies, she even joined acting classes. She was coached by Bob Krakower and she also received voice training from Jane Grace Kennedy. But prior to beginning her career as an actress, she had to struggle a bit. She worked as a waitress at a Restaurant to earn her living. She had done countless theatres before she made the big leap to the Movie industry. Back in 1999, she worked with a theatre company in Chicago, named Babes with Blades. There she got few opportunities to rock the stage with her performances. She did few scenes for ‘Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves’, ‘The Miracle Worker’ and ‘Heathers’. Apart from these, she had done several roles in theatres. And in 2000, she found her major break in a movie titled ‘What women want’ by Mel Gibson. It was her debut feature film. But Brooke found her fame through starring in the hit Television series Drop Dead Diva which debuted in Lifetime back in 2009. She portrayed the role of Jane Bingum in the show. She won rave reviews for her work. Her beautiful looks with her comic timing and her skills with drama won her the part. And she did complete justice to the role.


She is not the conventional actresses. She is a bit overweight, but she definitely has a charming personality. She is a talented woman. However, she is liked by her fans for her acting skills. She has some endearing qualities that bind viewers to the television screen. She is famous for her size and she does not seem to be bothered about that. She looks comfortable in her skin. She wears clothes that appropriately hides her flaws and brings out the best feature in her. Brooke is often captured opting for skirt and proudly showing off her beautiful legs. She doesn’t care for the world. She is here to act and that is all that she cares. She is five feet and five inches tall.


Brooke is already the age of thirty eight years. She is beautiful and successful. However, she has not found the love of her life. She has not married any man and does not bear a husband. Thus, apparently she has never been through traumatic situation of divorce either. She is though famous, but she likes to keep it low key regarding her personal life. She hardly comments anything that’s personal. So, it’s not clear about her current relationship status. Possibilities are she might have a boyfriend and is choosing not to speak about it in tabloids. She does not have children as of yet.


She is doing great for herself. She is enjoying her work and her single status both. Her television show Drop dead diva is winning hearts of audiences and critics all over. She is getting good salary from her producers. However, her net worth is not disclosed by any source in the media. Her information about her biography can be obtained from Wikipedia.