Brigette Romanek | Biography

Brigette Romanek is a former actress and soul singer who is now on the forefront because of her great success in interior designing. She is the co-creator of Romanek Getty, an interior design initiative which that creates classic, chic and aesthetic interior. Romanek Getty is the namesake of Brigette and her close friend designer Rosetta Getty. Brigette was born as Brigette McWilliams and later adopted Romanek as her surname after her marriage to Mark Romanek.

Brigette has been close friends with Rosetta Getty for more than twenty years. They have always been appreciative of one another’s sense of style and artistic influences. With their individual taste in design, their collaborative business thrives on their artistic understanding of each other. She is the mother to two daughters and has been married to film director Mark Romanek for several years. Mark Romanek is the Grammy Award winning director of several acclaimed films such as One Hour Photo, Never Let Me Go, Bee Season and Locke & Key. Brigette’s interest in music has been much influenced by her jazz singing mother, Paulette McWilliams.

Another thing that Brigette is extremely famous for is her line of chic handbags. In 2005, she thought of making homemade gifts to surprise her friends with during Christmas. That little notion led her to design high end handbags which would rock the fashion world and be seen on the arms of several Hollywood celebrities. She spent her time evaluating crocodile skins and creating handbags with unique designs. From her initial project, her designer handbag business kicked off and introduced high profile quality bags like the Rockstar clutches which are notorious for their classy and edgy look. The Note Bag and the Lizzy are also popular styles in her collection. Brigette revealed that her designs have been fueled by creativity and her love for fashion. She is inspired by beauty and really everything that catches her eye. Her handbags are the quintessential fashion statement for stylish women and have been seen on celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow, Kate Moss, Sheryl Crow and Demi Moore. They are sexy and unique with a sophisticated appearance. She also works with suede, canvas and feathers to create her handbags. She is also working on other projects such as Romanek Getty to add to her designing resume.

Brigette was a prominent name in soul music during her prime years as a singer. She even released an album under Virgin Records. But she didn’t want her artistic career to be limited to music. She left that part of her life to start a new chapter in life with her children and husband and shortly her career as a designer took off. Her handbags have become iconic fashion staples for actresses, singers and top models alike.

When someone sees an unfurling crocodile bag, they know it’s a Romanek bag. What started as a creative gift idea for a few friends, Brigette’s handbags have become iconic fashion accessories for women. With her close friend, Rosetta Getty, she has also been creating beautiful interior designs.