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Brian Dietzen Net Worth, Wife ( Kelly Dietzen) Shirtless, Age, Height, Kids
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Brian Dietzen is an American actor with so many acting roles to his name. But, it is safe to say that Brian’s acting career took a meteoric rise in 2004.

That’s the year he landed the part of Jimmy Palmer on ‘NCIS‘.  And, he continues to play the part during the series’ 16th season in 2018-19.

While he has spent more than a decade on CBS’ hit show, it hasn’t hurt his earning one bit. Here, let’s take a look at Brian’s net worth, his personal life, and his other television and movies roles.

How much is Brian Dietzen Net Worth?

As mentioned above, the role of Jimmy Palmer on NCIS changed Brain’s trajectory. Not only his career, but he also found wide exposure, opportunities as well his earning took a turn for the better.

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Brian Dietzen’s net worth is $2 million. But, how much does he exactly makes for NCIS?

While there’s no figure to Brain’s salary from NCIS, it’s a solid bet that the actor makes six figures per episode. It’s reported that Brain’s paychecks are nearly higher than $100k at this point.

As ‘NCIS’ does hike his net worth, but acting isn’t the only way he puts cash in the bank. He has ventured into producing as well as writing. Few of such movies, 2012’s ‘Congratulations’ and 2014’s ‘One Minute Time Machine’.

Outside of ‘NCIS’, he has also given guest-appearances on the sitcom ‘Boston Public’. He also played the role of Owen on the short-lived sitcom, ‘My Guide to Becoming a Rock Star’ the same year in 2002.

Brian Dietzen Wife – Kelly Dietzen and their Kids


Besides enjoying outdoor activities in his downtime, we know a few things about Brian Dietzen’s private life.

A native of Los Angeles, California, Brian married his long-term girlfriend Kelly Dietzen in 2004. The seemingly happy couple is still together and is currently on their 15th wedding anniversary this year.

While he chose to settle down with the woman he loves, he also adores his role of fatherhood.

Brian has welcomed two beautiful kids with his wife Kelly and the family currently resides in Los Angeles.

Brian tends to keep things low profile, but if his social media account is any true, Mr. and Mrs. Dietzen enjoys traveling.

Brian Dietzen Age and Shirtless

Brian Dietzen ages 41 but looks he has barely aged in the past 20 years. Popular for his ageless face, he looked the same since his debut year in 2002.

Born in 1977, Brain is turning 42 this year on November 14. Aside from the salt and pepper hair, the actor has maintained her youth, style and looks all this year.

Ridiculously handsome both with and without his shirt, Brain is absolute eye candy. For when we can’t ogle over on movies or TV series, he documents his everyday life.

From dinner with friends to hitting the gym or selfies with co-stars, he’s one of the hottest actors with the best Instagram game. Just a look at his shirtless pictures is enough to feel his hotness.