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Bri Barnes is the sexy model with the sexiest Australian accent (which was fake) and she’s been in the news even before the new season of ‘Bachelor in Paradise‘ has premiered.

She was in ‘The Bachelor’ and will be remembered as the American girl who faked an Australian accent to win someone’s heart.

She has appeared on many interviews and was eliminated from ‘The Bachelor’ midway but still, there are fans who would like to see more of her.

Bri Barnes Age 24 years

Bri Barnes is currently 24 years of age according to several websites online. Although we don’t know the details – I mean we can’t say it with absolute certainty because we are not that close to her, we have to take the Internet’s word for it.

She is pretty young and very athletic also. She plays soccer, enjoys hiking, skiing and camping. Bri does modeling and enjoys her time in Southern California very much. In addition, she also loves to be on television shows in the meantime.

Bri Barnes Height 5 feet 8 inches (1.76 meters)


Bri Barnes stands at an impressive height of 5 feet 8 inches. That’s 1.76 meters for you guys and it’s pretty impressive height. Moreover, she has a really attractive figure and a gorgeous looking body. Of course, she is a model for Newmark.

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Shoulda done a shoey ??? @bachelorabc

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As you can see from her Insta post, she has a tall height and a lean body frame. She looks beautiful and bla bla bla. She also triggers depression amongst ugly people like me. But, let’s not go there, it’s a whole another article- that one about my depression and mental problems. (Laugh out Loud I guess).

Bri Barnes Wiki

According to websites & wiki on the internet, Bri was born in 1995 and currently, she is 24 years old. The exact details of the day of her birth are unknown but the year is correct.

She is a native of California and resides in Los Angeles, California but as she’s a Television personality, she keeps traveling places to places and has fun while she does it.

Barnes is white in terms of ethnicity and Christian by her faith. The details of her parents and educational background are unknown to the world. So, we won’t be saying much about it today. Besides being really beautiful and fun, when did she get eliminated from The Bachelor? I mean what happened that made Colton- the bachelor realize that she was not the one.

Well, many things, first the Australian accent. People have made a laughing stock because she faked an Australian accent. However, I think it’s not anything major. But I think it’s hilarious too. Maybe she had a hot Aussie friend and she was trying to channel that energy. Maybe she thought Colton would love an exotic hottie from Australia.

Bri has revealed that when it comes to dating, her biggest scare is that she will fart really loud. I mean, I get that because nothing can kill the romantic mood like a whiff of bad smelling gas.

Bri Barnes Boyfriend

Although she has crushes on some guys on TV and specifically amongst The Bachelor alumnus, currently, it seems like she does not have any boyfriends.