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Brett Waterman Age, How Old Is Brett Waterman? Married & Wife Details
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An architect with a unique English accent and a cowboy hat, that’s Brett Waterman. Brett Waterman is an American TV personality famous for rejuvenation of old and classical houses.

Moreover, a reality TV series ‘Restored’ fans easily recognize him as the host of the show. He has extended his talents from TV to social media and has thousands of followers on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

There’s more to the charming star than his hosting ability. Here you will know all about his age, marriage, wife, relationships, career, and wiki.

Who is Brett Waterman? Bio

Brett Waterman was born on May 18th, 1965, in Palm Springs, California. Although he spent much of his childhood in Oklahoma, he doesn’t share much about his parents and family.

Moreover, he did once shared that his father and grandfather were the sources of motivation for his profession and career.

Likewise, he also doesn’t share much about his childhood experiences. Maybe some hunting and fishing trips, outing and camping, horse riding and so on would have joggled up fans knowledge.

In recent days, his parents inhabit in a farm at Oklahoma. He occasionally visits them and is close to them as a little child. Well, he is a family guy.

As per public sources, he attended UCLA college in Los Angeles. He then graduated with dual degrees. Firstly, he completed his studies on political science.

Afterward, he followed his interest in history and graduated the subject as well. He has shuffled his history knowledge with architectural skills in the reconstruction of houses and bungalows.


Brett Waterman Wiki, Career


Brett Waterman doesn’t own a Wikipedia page. Well, it’s unlike his talent and career that he doesn’t have a wiki page. May be Wikipedia will take time near future to author a page about him.

Brett Waterman erupted his career as a Preservationist renovating a house for a famous global law firm. In 2014, he rebuilt the house for O’Melveny transforming an old torn house to a modern and eye-catching one in Los Angeles.

He started getting noticed afterward and rejuvenated many other old houses to build up his experience and ride his career. In 2015, he hosted a TV series ‘Backflip’.

Notably, in 2017, he redesigned and developed a Bungalow full of crafts and designs for a couple recently wed and settling in. The creation was artistic and fascinating which lead to call up as a guest judge for ‘Brother Vs Brother’.

‘Brother Vs Brother’ was an HGTV series related to house flipping skills between two siblings.

Likewise, he then appeared in ‘Restored’ as a host to present his skills. The star was able to renovate around 30 projects during the time.

How old is Brett Waterman? Age

As of 2019, Brett is 54 years old. Despite the number attached to his age, he is more athletic and young as a teenager.

His height of 6 feet and 4 inches and weight of 172 pounds doesn’t say the story of his age. With his cowboy hat on, his working skills, and exciting English accent, everyone is fooled about his age.

Marriage and wife details

Brett Waterman is private regarding his personal life. Similarly, there are no public records available about his wife, marriage and relationships.

Nonetheless, the star might be in a relationship or single. The information will be available near the future.