Bretman Rock Gay Partner Or Sexuality? Find His Boyfriend or Gilfriend Name

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Bretman Rock Gay Partner Or Sexuality? Find His Boyfriend or Gilfriend Name

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Bretman Rock is famous as a YouTuber. He has a huge fan base who regard him as a beauty vlogger. Likewise, he has that unique personality with humor people die for.

He is so confident over his words and posts and always delivers what his fans expect him to on his videos. Moreover, he also has an influential Instagram account.

There is more to Bretman than just his charm and influential skills. Here, you will know all about his gender, sexuality, boyfriend, girlfriend, wiki and more.

Who is Bretman Rock? Wiki

Bretman Rock doesn’t have his own Wiki page. Although he does face some interviews and share personal and career information.

Bretman was born on July 31, 1998, in the Philippines. However, the information about his parents is not available. He does post some videos with his sister so there is something we know about.

During his early childhood, his parents split up. He had to move to Hawaii with his mother and sister where he grew up.

Therefore, he has 2 nationalities, American and Filipino. Likewise, he posses Filipino Asian ethnicity.

He grew up with his sister Princess Mae without his father. So, he credits his mother for everything he learned. Bretman revealed that his father was a WWE fan due to which his name was Bretman from  ‘Bret Hart’ and Rock from ‘The Rock’.

Despite his growing popularity, he was always focused on his education and school during the time. In fact, he even maintained his 3.5 GPA in school. Moreover, he was interested in sports like soccer, track, volleyball, and cross country.

Bretman Rock Career

Bretman was just a school kid when he started a YouTube channel. He was then studying in 8th grade. He earned his fame so fast that in the next 9 years, he earned celebrity recognition.

The 21-year-old caught an eye of the whole world with his beauty vlogs on Youtube when he was 17 years old. Later, he started using Instagram and was instantly famous there as well.

In 2015, he only had 200k followers. Then he stroke hard into the face f internet with his trending beauty videos. Afterward, the follower’s number started rocketing up to 100k followers a week.

In an interview with KITV, he told that he literally broke their system and they had to suspend his account. As a result, his fans came to Twitter with #bringbretmanback.

His fans and followers have always loved his presentation skills and beauty vlogs. His videos and posts are informative and entertaining so, his fans eagerly wait for his posts.

Like most of the celebrities, he also got into controversies back in 2017 regarding a racist tweet about Ebola and Africa.

Nonetheless, he has built a pillar for success in his early stage of life. As a matter of fact, he has 13.5 million followers on Instagram and above 6 million subscribers on Youtube.


Is Bretman Rock Gay? Sexuality

Bretman Rock has publicly announced that he is gay and feels proud for it as well. Similarly, his family also supports his sexuality and career.

Moreover, he is also an activist for LGBT(Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender) and often support them with posts and images.

Bretman Rock Gay Partner Or Sexuality? Find His Boyfriend or Gilfriend Name

Bretman Rock Boyfriend, Girlfriend

Bretman has kept privacy regarding his current boyfriend but as of public information, he is single. There were some rumors about his relationship past valentine’s day.

Actually, he himself posted a picture of him and a man. However, the face was blurred so it can be anyone. Maybe someone celebrity as well.