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Brandon Barash Engaged Girlfriend, Net Worth, Daughter, Ex Wife, Wiki
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Brandan Barash is a lovely sounding name because both his first name and last name starts from the letter B and there is a certain lyrical quality to saying his name. Well, that might be just my weird taste but what the hell, everybody has their own way of thinking.

Brandan is an American actor knowing for playing Johnny Zacchara on the ABC show- General Hospital. When I say that, I don’t mean that he has played only that role all his life. What I meant was of all the roles he’s played, this one’s the most notable one.

Brandon Barash Girlfriend – Morgan Mitchell

Mr. Barash is having new things in his life and happy things are happening. Brandon took it to Instagram a while back and declared his love for Morgan. He posted a lovely picture of both of them and captioned it with a song ‘It’s always a song’ by Ray LaMontagne.

Brandon Barash’s girlfriend Morgan Mitchell is a personal trainer in Los Angeles. She is, of course, making lotta money there because people all look fantastic in LA. Everyone is trying to stay healthy and they are chewing salads like a cow and wash it down with kale smoothie. The whole place is on crack.

Mitchell also had some lovely words to say to Brandon. She said ‘I love you Brandon’ and those might be just 3 words but if it was actually true, Brandon scored a jackpot right there.

Mitchell is very cool with Brandon’s daughter – that he’s raising all by himself after the divorce has happened with his previous wife.

We don’t know the details yet. However, they might be husband and wife soon.

Brandon Barash Net Worth


As of 2019, Kristen Storms’ ex-husband Brandon Barash has a net worth above $1 million dollars. Seems like a rich guy. Isn’t it?

Brandon Barash Ex-wife Kristen Storms and Daughter

Brandon married Kristen Storms and they had a lovely marriage. They met on the TV set and they had a beautiful relationship. After a while, Kristen gave birth to a baby girl and their marriage was going to be even more fulfilling.

But in life, things don’t always work the way you think it’s gonna. So, after a while reality struck this lovely couple and they found themselves breaking up.

However, Kristen and Brandon are friends still and Brandon has a daughter with whom he does [retty much everything. Even though he’s an actor, he makes time for his daughter and his Instagram is the proof of that.

His Instagram is full of pictures of himself and his daughter going to different places, having fun and just good vibes. They both look like they love each other a lot which is supposed to happen in a functional daughter-father relationship.

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pure elation #daddy #daughter #love

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Aww! Look at how cute she is relaxing on her father’s shoulders.

Brandon Barash Wiki

He has a Wikipedia page dedicated to him and it has all the things of his life that you want to know about. Brandon was born on October 4, 1979.

He wanted to become a cardiac surgeon but he, later on, went on to pursue acting. The good thing was he played a character on General Hospital which features doctors. So, a dream come true? Maybe.