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Bradley Martyn Age – 29, Birthday, Date of Birth: Bradley Martyn is 29 and his birthday falls on May 22, 1989.

Fitness model Martyn belongs to white ethnicity and is American nationality.

Bradley Martyn Height – 6 Feet 3 Inches (1.90 m)

Standing at a soaring 6 feet 3 inches height, the fitness coach, Bradley Martyn has got an athletic body which weighs jaw-dropping 106 kg. 

He is a virile fitness guru with effortless suave looks and sculpted physique. 

A favorite fitness instructor of model Sommer Ray, this craggily masculine Californian hunk is most to follow if intends to build chiseled body with rock hard abs. Having trained in fitness since the age of 15, Bradley has got himself a chiseled body with ripped 6-pack abs that make him irresistible and smoking hot.

Known globally for craved physique with defined abs and bulging biceps and triceps, the fitness model-turned social-media influencer is genteel as well. A perfect combination of fine looks and exceptional talent, he comes in a total package.

His radiant face perfected with piercing black eyes, well-trimmed beard and mild cheekbones have made this chap scorching hot, emanating physical sex appeal.

From a gangly 15-year-old teenager to become a stout man, the 29-years-old who has maintained himself in such a great shape throughout all these decades that’s inspired millions of people in the world.

Vigorously active in social media, following Bradley can fix the day. Through his YouTube videos and Instagram, he encourages millions of people to live a healthy lifestyle.

Besides working out in the gym, he enjoys taking his canine companion on a walk at the local street and going on adventurous tours with his boys.

Bradley Martyn Wiki and Short Bio


Even though Bradley Martyn is not listed in Wikipedia. We tried to present his short bio.

Bradley is an American fitness instructor, social media influencer, and physique competitor. Martyn’s YouTube channel with an eponymous name that provides the inside glimpse of his daily life has over 1.5 million subscribers.

He also runs an online store labeled BMFIT which offers fitness products, lifting gears and outwear requisite for the fitness training in a gym.

Bradley Martyn Girlfriend. Who is he Dating 2019?

Bradley Martyn is not dating any girlfriend at the moment, also he is not married. As per the, Bradley had some relationships issue with his ex-girlfriend & the pair broke up. Currently busy in his career, Bradley is pretty cautious more than imagination when it comes to his private life.

Bradley was 6 when his father commits a suicide following which he grew up without the attention and cordiality of a dad. He was born and brought up in Los Angeles, California. 

As a child, he struggled to relish a comfy life having fenced with gloom and hindrances.

However, the chap flouted all the impediments to accomplish the success and fame which is enjoying currently.

At the age of 15, he had started training in the gym after developing a profound interest in fitness.

Apart from this, no information has been surfaced regarding his academic background and qualification except that he dropped out of college after one semester and never enrolled again.

As far as his relationship status is concerned, Bradley is unmarried and neither urged to get married anytime soon.

Too busy for any committed relationship as of now, he finds a single life more happening and authentic. Surprisingly, the guy also doesn’t intend to have a girlfriend as he is blissful with an on-going life.

Bradley Martyn Net Worth – $750 Thousand Dollars

An American fitness model & personal trainer Bradley Martyn has a net worth of $750 thousand dollars.

His salary information is not available.

An illustrious fitness coach, Bradley Martyn is celebrated the most for helping the fellow YouTuber Yousef stage name FouseyTube and plenty of others to stay in shape.

Bradley is California’s famous fitness instructor and social media personality who has amassed a massive fortune through his burgeoning career in the industry.

Not only sharing the pics of a masculine physique or fitness tips harvested him international fame, his dedication, and exertion to offer the defined and selective programs to the clients is equally responsible for his huge success and worldwide acclaim.

Professional Career

Bradley Martyn is a fitness coach who runs a Zoo Culture Gym in California, Los Angeles. This 29-years fitness trainer has trained several social media personality and ace models including FouseyTube and Sommer Ray.

Career Timeline:

  • In 2006, he launched his own fitness program after working out for over two years in a local gym which unfortunately couldn’t bring him into the mainstream stardom
  • After initiating an online fitness and health channel under the same name which showcased his personal fitness routine and diets, Bradley steadily started receiving national recognition garnering more than 1.5 million subscribers  
  • He was the ultimate champion of NPC Southern California Championship held in 2011 and NPC Phil Health Classic winner in 2013
  • He is the co-founder of Zoo Culture Gym in Woodland Hills, California which provides the clients a selective fitness routine as well as CEO of AlphaCre8tivedesigns
  • Bradley also runs a fitness online store named ‘BMFIT’ which offers the customer all indispensable fitness gears and beanies and products