Bol Bol Height and Weight, Girlfriend, Net Worth, Wife, Age, Salary (NBA)

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Bol Bol Height and Weight, Girlfriend, Net Worth, Wife, Age, Salary (NBA)

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Bol Bol Height and Weight: Basketball player Bol Bol has a height of 7 feet 2 inches or 2.18 m. In addition, his weight is around 208 lb or 94 kg.

Bol Bol’s Girlfriend

According to reports, Bol Bol does not have a girlfriend at present.

Bol Bol has not revealed much about his personal life. Additionally, he has not posted any pictures on his Instagram of women who can be his girlfriend.

Bol Bol is just 19 years old now. He has plenty of time to get in a serious relationship if he desires. At the moment, however, he is living a single life.

Bol Bol’s Net Worth

According to playerswiki.com, Bol Bol’s current net worth is more than $200,000.

This figure of his net worth will surely increase in the near future as he just began his career in the NBA. All professional players in the NBA make an impressive sum of money.

Moreover, they have their net worth in millions. Fans speculate that in the next two years, Bol will also have his worth in millions.

Does Bol Bol have a Wife?

Since Bol Bol has not been married to anyone so far, he does not have a wife. Additionally, he does not seem to have any plans to marry anyone anytime soon.

Getting married and having a wife is not the things that Bol should be focused on right now. He will make his debut in NBA this year. He should focus on his career at present.

Furthermore, he is still a kid at present. He has plenty of time ahead of him to get into a relationship or get married.

Bol Bol’s Age (19 Years)

Bol Bol is 19 years of age. He was born on November 16, 1999, in Khartoum, Sudan.

At just 19 years of age, he has already been one of the most successful basketball players at the college level.

Bol Bol’s Salary in NBA

The Miami Heat drafted Bol Bol and traded him to Denver in the 2019 NBA draft.

Since he has not made his professional debut so far in his career, he is yet to get a regular salary from the NBA.

Bol Bol’s Short Bio and College Basketball Career

Bol Bol was born to parents Ajok Kuag and Manute Bol. Manute is a former NBA star. As his father was a professional player, Bol became interested in the world of Basketball since a very early age.

In his freshman year, Bol began playing for Blue Valley Northwest High School in the junior varsity team. In addition, he later moved to Bishop Miege High School.

Eventually, he also played for under-15 Amateur Athletic Union. He later transferred to Mater Dei High School. In his debut game there, he recorded 21 points and 10 rebounds.

In November 2017, he transferred to Findlay Prep. Moreover, in his senior year there, he had an average of 20.4 points and 8.2 rebounds. Additionally, he recorded 2.4 blocks per game.

Bol’s playing career at Oregon helped him garner fame in the basketball world. He had 32 points and 11 rebounds which was the season-high score.

Apart from his career at the college level, Bol has also been named on United States roster. Furthermore, he scored 20 points and provided 6 assists at the Nike Hoop Summit in April 2018.