Blair Mcclenny – 10 Facts You Should Know About

Blair McClenny

Blair McClenny an American software engineer, currently working in Los Angeles, CA. However, he is best known as the husband of Rie McClenny. What’s more, his wife works as the video producer for Buzzfeed Tasty. The married couple seems to be in love with each other even more after they exchanged their vows. Without any delay, here are ten facts on Blair McClenny.

Blair McClenny loves traveling with his Wife!

Going through Blair McClenny‘s Instagram account, we can see that he loves traveling with his wife. What’s more, he shares pictures of his wife Rie McClenny, on his Instagram account more than his own. This shows us how much he loves his mate and how lucky he feels to call her his own. Similarly, he seems to travel a lot with his partner and spend time with her during her free time.

An interracial relationship!

Blair McClenny loves to keep his personal life away from any sort of spotlight. As a result, most of his information remains unknown. However, his wife Rie McClenny works for  Buzzfeed! Furthermore, is much open about herself to the interwebs. What’s more, she originally was from Japan! She moved to New York City, USA in hopes to further her career as a cook. After some time, she moved to Los Angeles,  and where she met her future husband Blair! Furthermore, they dated from 2009-2011.

Exchanging the vow with Asian Beauty!

Much about their wedding remains a secret. However, we know that it was an intimate ceremony.

Furthermore, only their close friends and family attended Blair and Rie McClenny’s wedding. In fact, due to Rie’s profession, we assume that it was Rie who prepared the menu for their wedding. Furthermore, they tied the knot on July 1st, 2011 according to his Facebook profile.

Welcoming a new life!

As of 2020, the married couple, Blair and Rie McClenny are preparing to welcome a child.

Rie revealed this fact with a picture of her pregnant belly on her Instagram. What’s more, it was on February 17th, 2020, that she posted the picture.

We wish them the best for the birth of their first child!

The age difference!

Blair McClenny loves his life away from the spotlight. However, with a famous wife like Rie McClenny, it seems a bit difficult. Moving on, he seems to be a bit older than his life partner.

As of right now, Rie McClenny is 39 years old (born on November 19th of 1980). Blair, on the other hand, looks like he is in his mid-40s.  However, his actual age remains elusive.

Blair went to Northeastern University

As for his educational qualifications, Blair McClenny went to Northeastern University! The college is located at 360 Huntington Ave, Boston, MA 02115, United States. Furthermore, he graduated in the year 1998. However, the high school he attended remains unknown for now.

Blair worked at Glow

Back in 2007, Blair worked at Glow. However, his job description remains hidden for now. Furthermore, he later left Glow in 2010 to be an independent software engineer.

Blair’s family

Almost all of his family’s identity remains hidden.

However, with enough digging around, we found out he has a sister named Brooke McClenny! But, like we said most of his family member’s names remain unknown. This includes the name of his parents.

Blair McClenny’s presence on the internet!

Due to his private personality, he prefers to keep his presence on the internet low key. Furthermore, his Facebook hasn’t been updated since 2016.

However, on his Instagram account, he likes to post pictures of the places and his wife instead of his pictures.

Blair McClenny’s Net Worth

As of 2020, he holds an approximated net worth of $500k. However, it is a combined net worth with his wife.

Who herself leads a successful career as a video producer at Buzzfeed! Mover over, going over the pictures he shares on his Instagram account we can see that he leads a comfortable life.

What’s more, he lives his life filled with love and affection for his wife!