Steven John “Steve” Carell known as Steve Carell is an Actor, Comedian, Producer, writer and voice over artist with the height of 5 feet and 8 inches and American nationality. Talking about his career he told he firstly worked as telegram and mail carrier in Massachusetts. He later left the job as his boss wanted good and fast carrier of mails. And he started performing in stage as child artist and later in Brown’s Chicken. Later in 1991 he was seen performing with Chicago troupe and did his film debut in small role in movie Curly Sue. He did unsuccessful attempt for role in Saturday Night Live. He was in cast of The Dana Carvey show which is a comedy show on ABC channel.


Later he gave his voice in The Ambiguously Gay Duo. And in addition to this he also did many of small and supporting roles in many series and also did many guest appearance roles. Apart from this he also did the job of reporter for the daily show for six years from 1999 to 2005. Now it was time for Steve Carell to do something new and famous. And he raised in fame after his role in NBC serial the office which is based on paper Supply Company and he played the character of Michael Scott who was regional manager of the company working in Pennsylvania. But the first season didn’t went well and after the successful movie of him The 40-year-old Virgin the series maker got excited and made another series which went very well and was famous .


So due to this he won Golden globe Award and Television Critics Association award for his brilliant performance in the role. In addition to this, he was in the nomination list of Emmy Award for six times due to his the office series lasted from 2006 to 2011 and also got the salary of 175000 dollar per episode which was double of his salary which he got in first two season of the program. Apart to this he was also working in theatre as part time job and working with many of director for feature films. He also has written two of the episode for the office called Casino Night and Survivor man which earned him Writer Guild of America Award. The last episode of the office including was aired in 2011 and told he is leaving due to expiration of contract but was later called he denied to go back to the show.


Talking about his movie career, as stated above he was first seen in the movie the 40-year-old Virgin where he also wrote the story and co- produced it. This movie earned 109 million dollar with giving him MTV movie awards for best comedy performance and also got nomination in WGA award. He worked later in the remake of movie Bewitched as character of Uncle Arthur and also gave his voice for character of Hammy the Squirrel in animated movie named over the hedge and also his voice suited the character of Ned McDodd who was Mayor in Horton Hears a Who! And the movies were released in 2006 and 2008 respectively. And also he was seen as Uncle Frank in Little Miss Sunshine and also Anchorman: the legend of Ron Burgundy. Due to these roles he was established as an actor in Hollywood. And also acted as Evan Almighty as the role of Evan Baxter, since the movie was most expensive comedy movie but it was not successful and he got criticized for the role.


 And after the criticism he got he played the movie Dan in Real Life and Get smart. The movie Get Smart was successful collecting about 200 million dollar when released worldwide and was invited to join Academy of Motion picture arts and sciences. He again voiced the character of Gru in movie Despicable me and its next part Despicable 2 which was blockbuster hit and was acclaimed for his work and later he worked in many other projects including the film the bobo which was remake of 1967 movie. In addition to this he also commenced television program in coordination with Universal Media House. With the net worth of 45 million dollar he is one of the professional actors.


Moving on to his personal life, he tied the knot with his Saturday Night Live co-partner Nancy walls and prior they were in class where Nancy was student and Steve was teacher. This family is living happily with their 2 kids and his wife has a grocery store in Massachusetts. His quotes on comedy and inspiration are famous all over internet. Born in Roman Catholic family he loves the religion. Steve is seen without his shirt and his shirtless photos are underrated in internet.