Britain born Sir Richard Charles Nicholas Branson known as Richard Branson is famous business tycoon and he is known for Virgin Group which is founded by him which has more than 400 companies. Talking about his career he started his first business as venturing a magazine called student at the early age of 16 and later he started the business recording mail order. And in 1972 opening record store called virgin records he officially started his chain of businesses and later he named it Virgin Megastore and luckily it became so big in 1980 and he expanded it to other country parts. As told by him he kept the name virgin since the business had new concept and members. Firstly products were sold in less discount price due to new venture and limited capital later the product were sold in heavy discount due to increment in business and profit. In addition to that Branson commenced record store in London but due to the dispute in good that were supposed to export and the record store Branson mother Eve had to mortgage her house to repay the fine on behalf of her son.


But later again he came back in track and purchased a land in country side to start recording studio with his partner Nik Powell. And the first released album was of Mike Oldfield which later became bestselling album and later signed controversial band Sex Pistols and presented Culture Club into the world of music. Later in 1980, Virgin group brought club Heaven which is gay night club. Later he was unsuccessful to franchise ITV in to the name of CPV-TV. He later was seen as producer to produce the famous record Baa Baa Black sheep which later was even also in chart buster.


But unfortunately he had to sell Virgin Company to EMI for 500 million pound to run his next venture airline company in 1992. He later told it was hard to sell the company as it was the foundation of virgin empire but later he again started Music Company In The name Of V2 Records. He formed his airline company in the name of Virgin Atlantic Airways in 1984, started Virgin Mobile in 1999 and Virgin Australia in 2000 making him world’s 9th richest with the worth of more than 3 billion Pounds. Again with his will power and new idea he started Railway business covering the area of west Coast and franchising with British Rail with the name of virgin Rail. Later he invested in airlines of Belgium, Nigeria and America with the name of Brussels Airlines, Virgin America, and Virgin Nigeria. But his business of vodka and cola was not much profitable.

Later British airways thought Virgin air as competitor and doing immoral acts to down the virgin air. But later British airway had to pay remuneration of 60 million pound and which Branson distributed among his staffs. And again with new idea in 2004 they commenced the idea of space tourism named Virgin Galactic which takes the paying passenger to the space with in collaboration of Microsoft and other experts. Later in consideration of global warming he started a new venture under virgin group as virgin fuel which offers public with fuel in discounted price. And he is planning to do research in environmental friendly fuel which has total investment of 3 billion. Later in 2006, he sold his virgin mobile to UK cable TV for 1 billion and he later formed Virgin Comics and virgin Animation focusing global audience and creating new story.


And later he started Virgin Health Bank which provided the opportunity to keep their baby’s cells and Umbilical Cord in Cell banks. In 2009 he was showing interest to buy Honda formula one team but stated that at first the company should be economically and environmentally responsible. Apart from this he also has attempted to break world records and also played character in many of the films and TV series and also this kind hearted man has helped many of the charity and funds working in different cause and is active campaigner of these organizations. With all his empire he has net worth of 4.6 billion dollars.


Talking about his personal life, he has one daughter and one son from his wife Joan but also told their one daughter died in her early age. His house in Necker Island caught fire but later everything settled. His writes inspirational and motivational quotes and he is also quoted by many of the writer and books. His biography is all over in website and wiki and his fans can follow him in twitter.