Arguably the most well known performance of Ku Hye Sun’s career was seen in the outrageous hit drama Boys over Flowers in 2009.

Ku Hye-sun Family and Personal Life:

Korea’s sweetheart Ku Hye-sun walked down the aisle with her beloved boyfriend Ahn Jae-hyeon on 21 May 2016 in an intimate marriage ceremony. Ku and Ahn started dating in 2015 with her boyfriend. The love between this stunning pair blossomed after starring together in fantasy-medical sitcom “Blood”. Apart from being in a relationship with her husband, Ku Hye-sun has never been linked with anyone.

The South Korean actress has appeared in a few major roles since then however undoubtedly the hype created by her quirky, hilarious and strong female lead character, Guem Jan Di, in Boys Over Flowers hasn’t faded until present time. Born on November 9, 1984, like every other South Korean celebrity Hye Sun is a star with a triple-threat talent. The actress has transitioned into a successful director, singer, lyricist and novelist following her success with Boys Over Flowers.

Stepping out from her initial rise as ‘ulzzang’, a South Korean slang used for the best newcomers, Hye Sun has become an accomplished name in the vast sea of South Korean celebrities in the entertainment industry. The Incheon native is a graduate of Seoul Institute of the Arts. Signed to one of the biggest entertainment company in South Korea, YG Entertainment, Hye Sun aspired to become a singer but because of her growing popularity on television, she decided to debut as an actress. Since then she has appeared in several prominent South Korean dramas which have a devoted worldwide fan base. The fans of these dramas are quick to pair up their favorite on-screen couples and as the protocol goes many fans fueled the rumors of her dating her Boys Over Flowers co-star actor Lee Min Ho. But she has revealed that she is single.

One of Hye Sun’s very first popular roles was seen in Nonstop 5, a comedy sitcom which revolves around the life of up and coming teen idols of South Korea. She then popularly appeared alongside Super Junior member Heechul as a host on SBS’s Inkigayo. The actress received her first KBS Drama Award for Best New Actress with the drama series Pure in Heart in 2006. She was seen next in the periodic drama series The King and I a year later for which she was awarded the New Star Award at the SBS Drama Awards. She shot to overnight stardom with the premiere of Boys Over Flowers on KBS in 2009. The drama centered around the lives of four aristocratic heartthrobs known as ‘F4’ who are notorious  for their high-profile lifestyle and a middle class girl in her late teens, Guem Jan Di, portrayed by Hye Sun, who falls for the bratty leader, Gu Jun Pyo, who is portrayed by Lee Min Ho. The drama was a worldwide success and dominated the ratings on KBS while it was premiered. Hye Sun was decorated with three awards at the KBS Drama Awards 2009 for her role of Guem Jan Di including the Excellence Award, Netizen Award and Best Couple Award. She was also nominated for a Best Drama Actress Award at the 14th Asian Television Awards. Her roles in forthcoming dramas, The Musical, Take Care of Us Captain, and Absolute Darling were received well. She also realized her dream of having a career in music with the release of her album Breath in 2009 and several other singles were released one after another in the following years. Her directorial debut in 2009 with a short titled The Madonna received rave reviews at the Puchon International Fantastic Film Festival. She directed more short films in 2010 and since 2011 has been working as a director and producer under Ku Hye Sun Film. In 2014, she appeared in the melodrama series Angel Eyes and the movie Daughter which she also wrote and directed.

Hye Sun is also a bestselling author of her novel, Tango, a semi-autobiography which was published in 2009. Her first art exhibition was also put on at the La Mer Gallery which displayed her aesthetic illustrations.

With fresh talents emerging in the entertainment industry almost every week in South Korea, it is a challenge for established South Korean celebrities to keep up their game. Ku Hye Sun has proved that she is more than able to defend her title in the industry. With several prominent dramas, music video appearances and scores of commercials, without doubt she is here to stay.