Karl Lagerfeld is a German fashion designer, artist and photographer. Karl Lagerfeld is the chief creator of renowned brands such as Tommy Hilfiger, Chanel, Chloe, H & M and Fendi. He is a chief designer and creative director for fashion house Chanel, eponymous fashion label, and Italian house Fendi.

Over the years, he has worked for numerous fashion and art associated project. Through his creativity and dedication, he has won several awards that include Golden Thimble Award in 1986. He is notably known for his white hair and black sunglasses, a trademark looks.




1. Personal and Family Life

Born on September 10, 1933, in Hamburg, Germany, Karl Lagerfeld was the son of Otto Lagerfeld and Elisabeth Bahlmann. His father had a milk factory and used to produce a condensed milk whereas his mother was saleswoman of Lingerie in Berlin.

He has an older sister, Martha, and a half-sister named Thea. He attended Lycee Montaigne secondary school in Paris and majored in history and drawing.

Since 1951, Lagerfeld was in a relationship with Jacques de Bascher until his death in 1989. He is living a single life after his beloved demise.



2. Lifestyle and Measurements

Karl Lagerfeld renowned fashion legend who has highly sophisticated collection for various reputed brands. Though he is 83 years old, he has maintained himself and stylish personality. 

He stands tall with the height of 180 cm followed by the weight of 71 kilos (156.5 lbs). He has an average body and unique fashion sense with his trademark black sunglasses, a ponytail, high collared shirt and white hair.

In 2001, he lost 42 kilos in thirteen months and explained that for dressing differently, to be fitted in the dress of Hedi Slimane which is only for very slim boys and that made him lose his weight up to 40 kg.

His diet chart was prepared by Dr. Jean-Claude Houdret which ended as a book named The Karl Lagerfeld Diet that was endorsed on Larry King Live and other programs. His love for his pet cat, Choupette is intense and has created various fashion stuff marked with its print.





3. Professional Career

Karl Lagerfeld began his career after winning the coat category in 1955 organized by the International Wool Secretariat. After winning the contest, Lagerfeld assisted Pierre Balmain for three years and joined Jean Patou and during five years he designed two haute couture collections every year. 

He revealed his first collection in July 1958 with the name Roland Karl instead of his own name. His first collection didn’t have a positive reaction and was highly missed by media.

In 1960’s spring, he made shortest skirts in Paris. Later, he designed unique hats which were well-received but not that innovative. In recent interviews, he expressed his depression at that phase when he spent most of the time on beaches. 

Lagerfeld started working for Evan Richards’s Tiziana in 1963 and designed 90 dresses along with Evan for the first collection. Various celebrities became the fan of those outfits including Elizabeth Taylor, Gina Lollobrigida, Doris Duke and Princess Marcella. In 1969, he was replaced by another designer, Guy Douvier in Tiziani.

In 1964, he started to freelance for Chloe and designed some outfits every season. Later, he began to design the whole collection and began collaboration with Curiel in 1970. His first collection for Curiel was made for a ‘1930s cinema queen’ illustrated as ‘drippy drapey elegance’.

He also designed velvet black shorts which were put on under a black velvet long shawl. His Chloe collection for 1973 spring acquired massive popularity in media and fashion industry for designing ‘high fashion and high camp’. There he designed an outfit aroused by Carmen Miranda, which included shorts skirts with mini-bar dresses as well as a bra, scarf put on with long dresses.

Since 1965, he began to work with Fendi design clothes, jewelry, and furs. Lagerfeld finally started to design a costume from the 1970s in collaboration with theatre directors like Luca Roncon and Jurgen Flimm. 

He made outfits for theaters including La Scala, Burgtheater as well as Salzburg Festival. In the 1980s, he was busy in making a contract with Japanese fashion house Isetan, owned a lingerie line made by Eve Stillman in the U.S. He was working for Charles Jourdan and Ballantyne and as fashion guru for Trevira. He developed the intertwined ‘CC’ for the House of Chanel.

With the start of 21st century, Lagerfeld started to work in collaboration with Diesel and co-designed special denim for ‘Lagerfeld Gallery by Diesel’ along with Diesel’s designers under the direction of Rosso. Those trousers were taken immediately from all the stores of Lagerfeld and Diesel in various places though it was costly.

For the movie Callas Forever, he designed dresses for Carmen series in 2002, made few outfits for Madonna’s Re-Invention tour in 2004 and also for Kylie Minogue’s tour Showgirl. He also collaborated with H & M in 2004 where he offered limited clothes of him which were sold out just in two days of delivery.

Apart from designing, Lagerfeld is also involved as a photographer and has created Visionaire 23: The Emperor’s New Clothes with the naked pictures of celebrities and models.

In 2005, he took photos of Mariah Carey individually for V magazine’s cover and has worked for magazines like Harper’s Bazaar, Numero, Russian and German publication of Vogue.

The same year, French reality show ‘Signe Chanel’ took him as a subject covering the design of Chanel couture collection of 2004-2005 fall/winter.

Lagerfeld and Dubai Infinity Holding (DIH) contracted to design homes on Isla Moda Island in the restricted edition. Swedish Crystal Company ‘Orrefors’ and Lagerfeld collaborated to designing crystal line where the previous collection was released in 2011’s spring named Orrefors by Karl Lagerfeld. He also owns a store at Lagoona Mall in Doha and declared in June 2016 that he is going to design two housing of Estates at Acqualina in Sunny Isles Beach, Miami.

He is also the anchor of imaginary radio in video-game Grand Theft Auto IV. Lagerfeld has directed the movie Once Upon a Time… casting Keira Knightley and Clotilde Hesme in the Cite du Cinema.



4. Controversies

Karl Lagerfeld is famous for his controversies too as his fashion. It became a scandal when Anna Wintour, U.S. Vogue editor-in-chief got out during his Milan Fashion Week when porn star Moana Pozzi agreed to walk for Fendi’s collection in 1993.

In 1994, when Lagerfeld used rhyme from Qur’an for Chanel’s collection, the Indonesian Muslim Scholars Council in Jakarta threatened to file a lawsuit against Lagerfeld with the administration of Germany. Later, the designer made an apology.

He was criticized by the spokesperson of PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) calling Lagerfeld as fashion dinosaur who kills animals for their fur. He also apologized for calling Adele ‘a little too fat’.