Bette Midler is a decorated American singer-songwriter, actress, comedian, and film producer. She is one of the best selling recording artist and three times Grammy-Award winner came into the spotlight performing in Off-Off Broadway plays and musicals ‘Fiddler on the Roof’ and ‘Salvation’.

Until this time, Bette has released 14 studio albums with chart-topping hit singles like ‘Wild Beneath My Sings’, ‘Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy’ and 'From a Distance’.

  • Birthday: December 1, 1945 (Age 73)
  • Ethnicity: Ashkenazi, Jewish
  • Nationality: American

Bette Midler Husband - Martin von Haselberg and Children

Bette Midler has been married to German-born artist, Martin von Haselberg for straight 33 years and shares a daughter with him.

Their daughter Sophie von Haselberg, 31 is a Californian actress who gained fame with her role as Woody Allen in ‘Irrational Man’.

It was definitely a love at first sight for Bette and her now husband, Martin von Haselberg as the two got married just after six weeks of their first meet and greet.

Quick Info:

  • Parents: Fred Midler and Ruth Midler
  • Husband: Martin von Haselberg
  • Children: 1 (Sophie Von Haselberg)
  • Marital Status: Married

The singer who was introduced to German performance artist and commodities merchant by an Elvis impersonator in Las Vegas immediately felt a connection and spark with him.

 After six weeks of a romantic relationship, the couple went for a private ceremony to celebrate their wedding in Las Vegas. In almost 33 years of relationship, the couple endured a rough patch couple of times but they just worked on it for the sake of their daughter, Sophia von Haselberg.

One of the most adorable and beloved Hollywood couples ever, she credits commitment, compromises, and bond for her inevitable romantic and strong bond with husband. Bette’s only daughter Sophia is an pro actress now having worked in Off-Broadway shows and Hollywood movies including ‘Irrational Man’.

Born in capital city of Hawaii, Honolulu, Bett is the daughter of housemaker and seamstress, Ruth Midler and painter Fred Midler. Her family was the only Jewish families in miles to reside in the Asian neighborhood in the territory of Hawaii.

A native of New Jersey, her dad worked as a housepainter at a Navy base in Hawaii to financially support the family. As a child, she was brought up in Aiea, a city of Honolulu where sent to study at Radford High School.

During senior year in school, she was designated as the Most Dramatic and Most Talkative on school Hoss Election a year earlier.

After graduating from the high school Bette enrolled at the University of Hawaii at Manoa but dropped after three semesters as went to pursue a career in the show business. Her first ever television role was of an unacknowledged character of a seasick passenger in epic drama film ‘Hawaii’.

Bette Midler Age - Height and Body Measurements

Bette Midler is a timeless and ridiculously stunning beauty who packs a great talent in her small 5 feet 1 inches height. A born diva, she is one of the few gifted and gorgeous singers to emerge out from the city of Honolulu, Hawaii.

A perfect combination of good looks and talent, Bette is a sensational artist who’s next to impossible to match.

Along with an incredible vocal range, she has been blessed with a charismatic beauty and etiquette which is what makes her so perfect singers of all.

Quick Info:

  • Height: 5 feet 1 inches (155 cm)
  • Body Measurements: 36-29-36 inches (91-29-36 cm)
  • Plastic Surgery: Yes
  • Weight: 68 kg (149 lbs)

An ageless beauty, she is the perfect example, that age has nothing to do with the talent. Even at the age of 72, she enfolds an extreme talent followed by quintessential looks and alluring charm which is a delight to watch.

The blond beauty, Bette has upheld her youthful charm and sex appeal until this time. The Gray-eyed glam doll, she has great fashion and style sense which is only getting better with time.

Still young and lively, Bette is a family woman and enjoys spending most of the time with husband and daughter. A successful recording artist of all time, she has banked colossal fortune during her entire career and now enjoys every bit of it. She lives an extravagance lifestyle with all sorts of comforts and Luxuries.

Bette Midler Movies, Songs and Albums

Bette has only grown better and bigger ever since she sang her heart out in the debut album ‘The Divine Miss M’ followed by the self-titled album ‘Bette Midler’.

Her latest album includes ‘Cool Yule’ and ‘It’s the Girls’ featuring tracks like ‘Will You Still me Tomorrow’ and I’ll Be Home for Christmas’.

Career Timeline:

  • Bette who has literally been in the media spotlight for 48 years now with global career success in show business had initially entered into the business to play an uncredited role in drama film ‘Hawaii’
  • Moved to New York City where landed on a first-ever onstage gig in Off-Off-Broadway play by playwright, Tom Eyen
  • Fiddler on the Roof was the another play that Bette performed for three consecutive years on Broadway and soon after the shows termination, she joined the cast of the Off-Broadway rock musical, Salvation
  • In early 1970, Bette collaborated with musician-arranger, Barry Manilow after meeting him at Continental Baths and soon after released debut album ‘The Divine Miss M’ that Barry produced
  • Three years later from the million-selling Platinum-certified first album, she came up with self-titled second compilation album ‘Bette Midler’ dropped from Atlantic Records
  • Back-to-back two smash hit albums straightway propelled the singer to the singer to the mainstream stardom following which she released her third album ‘Songs for the New Depression’ followed Broken Blossom
  • During this time, she received her first Tony Award given to acknowledge her contribution in Broadway as well as featured in Emmy Award winning television variety show ‘OI’ Red Hair is Back’
  • In late 1980, Bette made her first big screen debut with 60s rock and roll tragedy film ‘The Rose’ which eventually earned her a nomination for Academy Award while received Golden Globe Award
  • A year after she appeared in her much anticipated comedy venture ‘Jinxed!’ opposite Ken Wahl, however, the movies was a big miss
  • Inclined towards music by releasing sixth studio album ‘No Frills’ featuring singles ‘All I Need to Know’, ‘You’re My Favorite Waste of Time’ and her version of Rolling Stone’s ‘Beast of Burden’
  • Over the years, Bette dominated the music industry with subsequent bestselling albums and Grammy-winning singles such as ‘Some People’s Lives’, ‘Bette of Roses’, ‘Bathhouse Betty’ and ‘Sings the Rosemary Clooney Songbook’
  • Already a successful actress by the time, she loaned her voice to the animated character Georgette in Disney’s musical comedy ‘Oliver & Company’ and starred alongside Barbara Hershey in a box-office hit comedy drama film ‘Beaches’
  • A multifaceted artist and performer, her ceaseless and broad career in Hollywood includes several other movies including ‘Scenes from a Mall’, and ‘Hocus Pocus’
  • After signing a record deal with Columbia Records, Bette unleashed her first album ‘Bette Midler Sings the Rosemary Clooney Songbook’ for the record label which was an instant hit with certified gold by RIAA
  • Named Pop diva during her music career, she debuted the concert tour ‘The Showgirl Must Go On’ at the Colosseum at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas from 2008 until 2010
  • As a producer, she meticulously worked on Broadway production of musical ‘Priscilla, Queen of the Desert’ based on a book by Australian filmmaker Stephan Elliott
  • 2017: Starred in the Broadway revival of the 60s musical ‘Hello Dolly!’, which earned Bette her second Tony Award

Bette Midler Net Worth and Salary

How much is Bette Midler Net Worth? Bette Midler is an iconic American singer and actress who has a net worth of $230 million. Bette who has multiple Platinum and Multiplatinum certified albums under the belt throughout her career has sold over 30 million records worldwide.

She has also been part of commercially successful projects and iconic movies like ‘Down and Out in Beverly Hills’, ‘The First Wives Club’ and ‘Gypsy’.

Not only has she been vigorously active in the music industry but is equally involved in Hollywood projects and ventures.

She had starred in a leading role of Mary Rose Foster in 60s drama film ‘The Rose’ for which she was nominated in Academy Awards.

Quick Info:

  • Net Worth: $230 million
  • Salary: N/A