15 Essential Yoga Accessories To Bring On Any Retreat

Yoga is a discipline which includes simple meditation, adoption of specific body postures and a breath control.

Among the long list of workout activities available in this modern days, yoga is the simplest technique of keeping your mind & body healthy.

Performing a yoga task seems quite difficult from outside, but when you are into the yogic world, you will definitely start loving it.

Since, yoga doesn’t need much equipment like gym, you can perform it anywhere.

However, for your own benefit, you can find this quick list of yoga accessories/supplies which will enhance your yoga experience to next level.

Yoga Mat

Yoga mats are fabricated mats specially designed to prevent your hands or feet from getting slipped during your yoga practice session.

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Yoga Towels

Yoga towels is an accessory that is designed to use during the yoga sessions. Its length is as equal to the yoga mats and helps to attain more grips because of its non-skid nature.

It is also used to avoid stains in the yoga mat and sometimes used to absorb sweats.

Likewise, it can also be used as a substitute to yoga mats.

Yoga Bag

It might be difficult for you to carry a yoga mat, no matter how hard you roll it. For your ease and convenience, yoga bags is most. It comes in various shapes and sizes.

Yoga Mat Strap

Yoga strap is a loop used to tie your yoga mats. Once tied with this strap, it will be easier to carry over your shoulder like a briefcase.

Yoga Hand Towel

Carrying a yoga hand/face towel is used to wipe sweat during your practice. If the sweat is not wiped on time, it might cause allergies due to contamination.

So, if you want your yoga session to be like a professional yogi, Yoga hand Towel is a must.

Don’t be confused here, Yoga Hand Towels can be any linen closet, either bathroom towel or kitchen towel.

Yoga Block

It is a kind of yoga facilitator which works as an assist to maintain your perfect body position.

It is small bricks like material either made with cork, hard foam or wood.

The blocks come in a variety of sizes and are usually 9 x 6x 4 inches.

It is available in an online megastore, retailers or you can also purchase it here.

Yoga Strap

Don’t get confused with the yoga mat strap as discussed earlier, this yoga strap carries different jobs.

This helps to provide support to your body during stretching and maintains proper body alignments (postures).

Yoga Blanket

Yoga Blanket or Mexican Blankets is one of the most useful yoga props.

It is also available in several colors, shapes, and sizes. With its flexibility, it can be used for comfort and support and is beneficial for several yogic poses.

Yoga Bolster

Yoga Bolster is a thick, long yoga prop which looks similar to a pillow. You can find this accessory in circular, rectangular or cylindrical shape.

It provides a greater assist in body alignment in different asana practice.

Yoga Mat Cleaner

While performing yoga, you might have sweated out, and your yoga mat might have some stains.

So, you might be in a greater dilemma, how to clean it.

Don’t worry just spray lavender or Hazel/White vinegar and rub your soiled yoga mat with damp sponge/clothes.

Yoga Ropes

Yoga ropes help to make your workout session more comfortable and safe.

Yoga Kurunta is an asana practiced with the help of ropes. Yoga rope wall is believed to be introduced by Yogi B.K.S. Iyengar.

Yoga Gloves

Yoga gloves are just like ordinary gloves that have a higher grip.

The main purpose to wear these gloves during the practice session is to maintain a perfect body balance and stability.

Yoga Pants

These are the most special pants best designed for Yoga and other workout activities.

They are form-fitting and are flexible in nature. Also, it quite different from tights or leggings.

Yoga Ball

Yoga Ball is a soft elastic, air-filled ball often designed for workouts, stretching and exercise.

They are normally 14-34 in in size and comes in different color.

Yoga Chair & Feet UP

FeetUP is the newly discovered yoga chair which helps to balance the body when it is in upside down position.

Different poses, along with Pranayama techniques are well facilitated with the invention of such chairs.