Healthy-looking hair is as a sign of both beauty and health. Hair needs essential nutrients just like other parts of the body to grow and maintain its luster. To maintain long, healthy and shiny thick hair get to learn about the top 20 vital vitamins crucial for enhancing hair growth.

1. Biotin (Vitamin B7)

Vitamin B7 well known as Biotin plays a critical role in maintaining the length of hair growth.

This vitamin is what ensures hair thickness. More so, Vitamin B7 is significant in determining the structure of hair. You will notice that if you are deficient of Biotin, your hair becomes drier. Discoloration and thinning of hair will also occur if you do not get enough Biotin. 

A Biotin-rich diet is paramount in ensuring that the hair does not undergo breakage or damage. As long as you have enough Biotin, no amount of heat styling even over styling will damage your hair. Consuming sources of Biotin in plenty will lead to hair thickening.

Biotin goes a long way in replenishing hair follicles that are in the processing of growing.  Ensure that you get Biotin supplements in your diet if you are keen on having healthier looking hair.