Have you ever wondered about the Beloved Pets on the Internet? Everybody nowadays is using social media and video streaming site. Every day, you might encounter several pets and lovely animals on your timeline. I guess you can’t stop yourself to like and share those pictures and videos of cute dogs or cats.

Animals nowadays are getting more viral on the internet. Cats and dogs have been fighting for supremacy around the web. You might have heard about the most famous web superstar Grumpy Cat. Similarly, there are many adorable pictures of pets taking over the internet. They include but are not limited to these famous animals:


1. Grumpy Cat

If you do not know about Grumpy cat then the likelihood that you have been living under a rock is pretty high. She is one of the most popular cats on the internet all because of her grumpy face which is often used in memes and funny pictures.

Grumpy cat’s photo was first posted on Reddit a few years back. People picked up on her unique look and started coming up with funny pictures or responses centered on her face.

In fact, she is the poster cat for an annoyed face and can be considered a cat celebrity. Grumpy cat is pretty famous, considering that she has over 2 million followers on Instagram and over 8.5 million followers on Facebook.

If you would like to see more photos of the cat, you can visit these social media sites. Grumpy has also appeared on American Idol and Good Morning America among other shows.

2. Jiff Pom

From his name, Jiff is one cute Pomeranian that the internet just cannot get enough of. He might be one of the internet Pomeranian sensations but he seems to have carved out a name for himself.

He is one of the cutest dos that you will ever lay your eyes on. Jiff is a dog celebrity. He has been on Good Morning America and the Today Show. You know your pet has made it when he is making appearances on television.

He is also so famous that he is signed to a talent agency for acting and modeling. Apart from being in the ‘Dark Horse’ music video by Katy Perry, Jiff also boasts of a huge social media following.

He is followed by over 4 million people on his Instagram account and has close to 1.5 million likes on Facebook. Jiff is clearly a superstar Pomeranian who is loved by the world.

3. Lil Bub

Another famous cat is Lil Bub. She has a rare condition that is known as dwarfism. This condition makes it so that she will never grow up and will always be the size of a kitten.

Now that is one dream that almost every cat owner has. Kittens are always so cute and you wish they could stay like that forever. Lil Bub has a huge social media following.

First, she has her own YouTube channel which is just adorable. Her first episode featured Whoopi Goldberg. Go, Lil Bub! In addition to this, she has almost 3 million Facebook likes and has a massive Instagram following over 1.5 million people.

Lil Bub was ideally not pegged for fame. Her dwarfism and the constant sticking out of the tongue as a predominant facial expression is what catapulted her to fame.

The look is so cute that you can literally just look at her photos all day. How can you not love her?


4. Marnie The Dog

Marnie is the ultimate dog story success. Her life did not initially involve fame and attention and the popularity only came much later after she had a tough life.

She is now famous and has appeared on Buzzfeed, the NY Post, and the Daily Mail. Can you imagine that she even has a merchandise range? Marnie was found by animal control as a stray dog and put in a shelter.

She was finally adopted when she was 0 years old which is quite remarkable. Who imagines that her story could turn around through an adoption? She took the internet by storm through her cuteness.

She always has her head tilted and her tongue sticking out because of how long it is. Marnie has met so many celebrities.

She now has over 2 million Instagram followers and is well on her way on Facebook with over 400,000 likes from people.

Marnie is undeniably cute and quite photogenic, which works to her advantage. She might convert you into one if you are not a dog person.

5. Boo

Boo is another form of cuteness overload that the internet just cannot handle. Like Jiff Pom, he is a Pomeranian with a touch of white and light brown fur.

He is one of the most famous animals on the internet with well over 17 million likes on Facebook only. Through his social media account, you can see more of Boo’s photos and what he has to say.

You cannot get tired of looking at him all day. He looks like a tiny teddy bear and has a signature haircut that sets him apart from the rest of his breed, that is, other Pomeranians.

He has his own range of merchandise including cushions and teddy bears. In addition to that, Boo has gained recognition from celebrities such as Kesha and Khloe Kardashian.

You simply cannot compete with his cuteness and will most likely yield to the pressure of spending your time on the internet browsing through his photos.

6. Nala

Nala’s life has changed drastically. You would have never thought that she would have made it to fame judging from her back-story.

To start with, she was adopted by Varisiri Mathachittiphan after her owners abandoned her at four months old. She then became an internet sensation after her photos, videos and antics were posted by her owner.

Nala is the most popular cat on Instagram. She has over 3 million Instagram followers and also close to 2.5 million likes on Facebook.

She has an impressive social media following and she never disappoints through her shared life adventures. Nala even has her own merchandise range.

This cat’s story shows that life circumstances do not have to be permanent. She was not pegged as a famous pet since her owners abandoned her.

It took adoption by a person who saw her potential to change her fate. However, you can bet that her owners regretted their decision after her stardom.


7. Tuna

It is always refreshing to come across a celebrity animal that has a not-so ideal back-story. It helps to create openness and acceptance in animals as well as human beings.

That is part of what Tuna’s story reveals. He was adopted by Courtney Dasher since he was a rescue dog. Dasher started Tuna’s Instagram account because of his overbite.

This means that his upper teeth protrude over his lower jaw and lip. The account was supposed to track the growth of his teeth but ended up earning him fame.

He now has over 1.5 million followers on Instagram which is quite impressive. Tuna is so famous that he has his own photo book. One of the great things about his fame is that he has used it for more than himself.

He has used this influence to raise money for various animal charities which has helped to make a huge difference.

8. Dog the Pug

Another little dog who’s famous for his unique antics is Doug. He is a pug who is well known for his style.

He dresses up like characters from famous television shows, music and movies which prove to be just adorable and funny all at once. This has earned Doug a spot in an alternate video for ‘Irresistible’ which is a Fall Out Boys song.

Doug has also managed to appear in various magazines including Cosmopolitan, Buzzfeed and The Huffington Post. This fame comes along with an impressive social media following of over 2 million Instagram followers and over 5.5 million likes on Facebook.

Doug is quite the internet sensation! If you want to see more of his photos or videos, you should visit his social media accounts. You could also buy his book, ‘Doug the Pug: The King of Pop Culture’ if you want to hear and see more of him.

Doug is a jack of all trades and people simply love him!

9. Corgnelius and Stumphrey

Corgnelius and Stumphrey are some pretty famous Corgi brothers who live in Los Angeles. They credit their fame to Reddit and also have a strong social media following all thanks for their irresistible cuteness.

You simply cannot resist the cuteness of these two brothers who have taken the internet by storm. Susie is the mother of these two dogs.

She and her husband Justin have had them as their pets for a while and Susie has always recorded their cuteness on camera for social media.

These two corgis are so famous that they hosted their own Reddit AMA in New York. They also have a book, written by, Susie, their mom.

Corgnelius was the first addition to the family and soon Stumphrey came along as his brother so they could form a dynamic duo.

These two are so cute that you cannot resist them; which explains why the internet cannot get enough.


10. Honey Bee

Honey Bee is a blind cat that was adopted by her owners from Animals Fiji. They did not care that she did not have her eyes while adopting her.

She now lives in Seattle with her owners and has taken the internet by storm. She may not have a large following on the internet as compared to other animals but she is impressive.

Honey Bee is an extraordinary cat that has not let any of her challenges stop her from being the best cat she could be. She loves to go hiking and on outdoor adventures with her owner.

She often sits on her owner’s bag pack or even walks on a leash, which is not characteristic of cats. Honey Bee is loved by the internet especially because of her resilience and resolve.

She can teach you how to overcome life’s hurdles despite some curveballs that life throws your way. She is an adorable creature and you simply cannot get enough of her.

11. Menswear Dog

Menswear Dog is more stylish than you. It’s obvious to feel ashamed that this dog looks more handsome and gentle in suits than you do. Since his owner has created his Tumblr account, he has become an internet sensation.

Most often, he wears all season hottest fashionable clothes. According to his owner David Fung, He and his wife dressed menswear dog just for fun in 2013. Instantly, their dog started to pose for a photograph. Fung posted that picture on Facebook as a gag.

That gag, instantly, became viral on the internet. With his snowballing popularity, the book was also published titled ‘Menswear Dog: The New Classics’. This fashionable pup wears perfect clothes and knows how to impress other with his beyond belief looks.

12. Venus

Have you ever seen something amazing like her, I very much doubted? It’s obvious to call her two-faced cat. She is literally unique. After her picture was posted on the internet, she immediately became viral. With her extraordinary looks, this two-faced cat has grabbed the attention of millions of peoples.

At present, this ‘Chimera cat’ has ruled the internet single-handedly.  The two different colors half black and half orange are riven right straight the middle and her eyes are remarkable too, one is blue and another is green.

You can easily find her picture if you go to search engine and can regular update by following her social networking site. Venus is an extremely rare cat on the planet.


13. Giant George

Although Zeus was the tallest dog ever, but Giant George was the favorite. Once, Giant George holds the title of world’s tallest dog as the successor of Titan, before getting trumped by Zeus.

Even though there was a conflict regarding his height but the official measurement showed that he is 43 inches tall, just an inch smaller than Zeus. Giant George was born on 17 November 2005 and died on 17 October 2013.

At home, he used to sleep in a giant bed. He was literally unmatched and made several appearances on TV shows including Oprah and Good morning America. George was something extraordinary of his kind.

14. Sam The Concerned Cat

In an instant look, Sam looks like he is constantly in the state of shock or astonishment. The two marks on his head made him an Imgur and Reddit star. It’s probably sure, people with pet cat surely desire to have cat similar to Sam.

When Sam was first introduced to the market by his owner, his unique scar became the center of attraction. As a result, he became a lot famous compared to other felines with similar marking in the body.

Unsurprisingly, Sam’s extraordinary eyebrow-shaped scars above his eye have increased the cat’s fame over a night.  He has more than 10,000 followers on social networking sites.

15. Garfi, The World’s Angriest Cat

Right now, the new kitty called ‘Garfi’ is becoming an internet sensation. He is Persian cat with fluffy orange color. In an Instant look, you might get scared or concerned, but don’t go with his killer looks.

Even If you dressed him in holiday clothes or Christmas dress, he just looks angry and about to kill you. In fact, he is a cute, friendly and disciplined cat with the intimidating stare.

Garfi is living in Turkey with his owner Hulya Ozkok in a large family. If every of the cat showed similar expression then all of the looks alike. So, this unique looking cat is attracting millions of people on the internet.


16. Digby Van Winkle the Hipster Dog

If there is a competition for most inventive pet name then definitely Digby Van Winkle will win the first prize. He is calm and delightful. In fact, he is a dog with perfect attitude. Most often, he loves to stand in front of the camera wearing his designer glasses along with sensible clothing.  

Digby is unmatched for his dressing sense and has won the heart of millions of pet lovers. You wouldn’t find his secret in an instant look. And that is, he is blind in his right eye. He suffered this collateral damage at daycare while playing with another big dog.

If we put the Menswear dog and Digby in the same basket together, we would probably have own puppy fashion wear. But still, Digby is the only hipster dog, you will ever find on the internet.

17. Shironeko the Cutest Napper

Laziness and cat are synonyms. This cutest cat, Shironeko is the king of the entire cat is sleeping. He attained the title for being the sleepiest cat on the internet. He has taken the cat Nap to whole different level and still, he is adored by millions of fans around the world.

In Japanese, Shironeko name is translated to a white cat has the ability to sleep 24/7. His owner regularly posts his pictures and video on social networking site that is worth watching as it is lovely as well as strange.

Whether it is a basket or pile of vegetable, you can find this cat sleeping in every unique location, you probably can’t imagine. Right now, he is a real sensation on the internet.

18. Kitler

You can easily find out how this cat got its name, Kitler. Kitler immediately gets viral on the internet when her photo was posted on social networking site. A cat with a hair and mustache looks like a late German dictator Hitler.

In 2011, Kitler was found in the roadside. When she was found her at the side of A421 near Kempston, she was all alone and close to death. Kitler owner stated that they do not have any intention to make her internet sensation.

Even though her appearance looks like Nazi leader, she is a friendly and adorable cat. However, her unique looks are dictating the internet.


19. Beast

You have probably heard about ‘The Billionaire Dog’ Beast. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg owns this adorable dog. He has more than 2 million followers on his Facebook page.

He is a dog from Grants Pass, Oregon. Especially, Beast is Hungarian small breed dog called Puli. Basically, they are best known for herding and livestock guarding dog. In fact, Beast was a wedding gift to Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg by his lovely wife Priscila Chan.

This Hungarian sheepdog is the biggest in the social media as the richest dog on the planet. He is a very intelligent dog, despite his long and very thick hair; he is fast and able to change its direction while herding a sheep.

20. Harlow and Sage

If you think humans only have a best friend that means you haven’t heard about best friend doggy duo on the planet. Harlow and Sage (best friend), better best friend story than Forest Gump.  These two puppies had ruled the internet after being the most expensive puppies on the planet.

Not just internet, Harlow, and Sage to have a book deal titled Harlow and Sage (and Indiana). This is a story of three dogs that took social networking site by storm. They two used to watch TV together, slept together and parties together.

Sadly Sage died at the age of 13 in 2013. Even though Sage is irreplaceable but Harlow now has a new friend named Indiana.