Children are attached to their pets once they have gotten fond of them. There is nothing as interesting to see as the bond between a child and their pet. Some of the most adorable friendships include:


1. Toddler and Black Dog

Any parent would cringe at the thought of a dog licking their child. This seems to be the case especially for new parents. They have so many germs that can get your child sick.

However, parents are growing more lenient when it comes to pet contact with their young children. This baby looks like he is having a good time with the dog friend.

The baby seems to be distracted by something to the right but the dog is completely paying attention to the tiny friend.

The dog is licking the child’s cheek so gently and is probably why the parent would not be too hesitant with this friendship. Dogs can be very gentle with children when they are young.

Although dogs can be considered to be a bit rough at times, you can comfortably encourage their friendship as long as the dog knows to be gentle with the baby. This takes some training from the time the baby is born.

2. The Cat and the Child

This is one of the best friendships on the internet between a child and a cat. The two look like they have a rapport and are therefore comfortable with each other.

The child is big enough to carry the cat but not enough for the cat to be comfortable. The most hilarious thing about this friendship is how the cat looks harassed.

The cat’s face is enough to show that he is not too pleased with the way he is being carried. However, the cat does not seem to have much of an option and has resigned to his fate.

The child, on the other hand, looks very pleased with himself. He is so happy to have the cat and is struggling to carry the cat.

This, however, looks like something that is making the child quite happy. This goes to show that the perfect friendships are not always those that are a two-way street all the time.

3. Sleeping Baby and Cat

Cats tend to look for warmth in babies, especially when they are sleeping. Little babies generate a lot of heat when they are sleeping and it is not a wonder to find cats snuggling and taking a spot in the crib.

Some parents get scared that the cats could suffocate the child. This should not be a cause of concern if the child is not allergic to the fur.

The child in this photo is fast asleep and probably having the best dreams ever. The cat, on the other hand, decided to join in the nap and the perfect spot was the child’s stomach.

This is one of the cutest child-pet friendships on the internet. It shows how you can depend on your friend for some needs. The cat has decided that the baby’s warmth will make the nap better.

The cat knows that the child will probably carry and terrorize him when he is much bigger.


4. The Boyand His Mutt

Imagine having a sleep-time cuddle buddy. That would be fun, right? It seems this child and this dog has perfected the cuddle game when it comes to sleeping.

They seem to be both enjoying the embrace and their naps at the same time. This photo makes you want to snuggle and sleep. Often, children like to have toys they can hold onto as they are sleeping.

Children usually prefer to have a teddy bear because it is fluffy and snuggly. This young boy has his own real life, non-teddy bear fluffy friend to take a nap with.

This can easily be labeled ‘friendship goals’ for animals and their tiny human friends. The person who took this photo must have recognized the cuteness in this photo and decided to post it on the internet.

You can only hope that the baby has no allergies and that he will grow alongside his furry friend. After all, there is nothing sadder than seeing pets and their child owners drawing away from each other after such cute moments.

5. The Winking Do and His Smiling Human

You can tell just how happy or pleased a child is by the smile that is plastered on their face. Toddlers have such a genuine smile that they can truly not fake happiness.

When you see a child smiling, rest assured that things are going well. This child’s smile is worth a thousand words. The golden retriever responsible for the smile on this child is also a character on his own.

He is busy licking the child’s hood although you can bet that the lick will end up on the cheek as well. The dog looks like he has an inside joke thanks to his wink.

Most parents might be hesitant about letting their children interact with bigger dogs. This should not be the case. Sometimes, these dogs actually recognize that they are children and fragile.

The dogs are therefore inclined to protect the babies from various external threats. Hopefully this golden retriever will keep protecting the adorable friend.

6. Girl and Her Dog Buddy

If ever there was some cuteness overload on the internet, it has to be this photo. These two friends look like they are so in sync in life.

They look like they can conquer the world and as though the dog would follow the young girl wherever she decided to go.

First of all, these two friends are both jumping in the water. They do not seem to have a problem with getting wet.

Secondly, they do not look like they are planning on getting out of that water anytime soon. They must have been playing near the lake and decided that the water was cooler.

The dog and his cute friend look into the horizon like they are ready for their future. It is the cutest thing ever. It makes you want to become a child and get your own pet just to reenact this perfect moment.


7. Christmas Kitty and the Toddler

Look at how cute this child and the kitten are. On their own, individually, the cat and the toddler are both magnets. They are simply adorable! The kitty has some captivating eyes.

They are unique in color. The ears are also so cute with the shade of black and the fur looking like whiskers. When these two friends are combined, the picture is dynamite!

The internet cannot get enough of these two. The friendship is unparalleled and they seem to be enjoying the moment. Unlike the other cat, this kitty looks like he is comfortable in the moment and not being held against his wishes.

This photo is a perfect picture of friendship during the holidays. The presents at the back and the great mood these two are in is one to admire.

Parents should consider introducing their children to pets at an early age as they grow together and form a stronger bond.

8. Kids with a Dog

These two babies have found their own personal protector. They are so tiny and do not seem to understand what is going on around them.

However, the parents have allowed their huge dog to relax on the bed with the babies. For all these children know, this dog is just another fluffy bed or pillow.

If all goes as planned, this dog is going to be the best of friends with these adorable children. He looks like he is willing to protect them at all costs.

The children are also likely to get accustomed to the dog as they grow older as he is no stranger to them. Such animal friendships are something to look up to.

If you have a child then you are probably thinking of how you are going to get a pet that will suit them. The great thing about introducing children to pets early enough is that they get used to the animals more easily.

9. The Toddler and the Piglet

Cats and dogs have always had a battle for supremacy when it comes to winning the affection of pet owners. This is an age-long battle trying to convert humans into either cat or dog people and not anything in between.

Some children have refused to be confined into these boxes. This young one has decided that a piglet is a nice pet as well. She is seen kissing the piglet that is on a bed.

So you can naturally assume that the piglet is clean and vaccinated. Otherwise, you would probably be worried about this child’s health. There are so many pathogens that one could get from this contact.

The piglet is open to the kiss as well. He does not seem to be afraid of the child which is probably a sign that the two are going to be the best of friends.

This photo is the perfect example of unconventional friendships blossoming into beautiful relationships.


10. The Baby and His Bunny

Bunnies are cute and so are babies. Seeing a friendship between the two is just adorable. In fact, this should be one of the most popular photos on the internet.

These two unusual friends look like they will grow fond of each other. You can tell from the photo. The toddler and the bunny focusing on the camera is very interesting.

You could say that they have the same interests. See? They are definitely going to hit it off and be the best of friends. In fact, the only thing stopping them is the fact that the baby is too young and does not completely understand what a friendship entails.

Like all the other child and pet friendships that you have come across, you can only hope that these two buddies will become closer with time.

No one wants to see former friends drift away. It can be such a sad affair. Let’s hope that these two grow together and not apart.