Children are attached to their pets once they have gotten fond of them. There is nothing as interesting to see as the bond between a child and their pet. Some of the most adorable friendships include:

Any parent would cringe at the thought of a dog licking their child. This seems to be the case especially for new parents. They have so many germs that can get your child sick.

However, parents are growing more lenient when it comes to pet contact with their young children. This baby looks like he is having a good time with the dog friend.

The baby seems to be distracted by something to the right but the dog is completely paying attention to the tiny friend.

The dog is licking the child’s cheek so gently and is probably why the parent would not be too hesitant with this friendship. Dogs can be very gentle with children when they are young.

Although dogs can be considered to be a bit rough at times, you can comfortably encourage their friendship as long as the dog knows to be gentle with the baby. This takes some training from the time the baby is born.