The Bengal cat is considered one of the most popular breeds in the world. Its unique appearance and characteristics make this cat most favorite pet in every household.

Bengal Cat Quick Facts

Scientific Name: Felis catus × Prionailurus bengalensis

Origin: United States of America

Weight: Male; 10 to 15 pounds Female; 8 to 10 pounds.

Height: 3 to 3.6 feet

Coat Color: Snow, marble and tabby-spotted

Lifespan: 12 to 16 years

Fun Fact: Bengal cats have great love for water and as such, they play for long periods in water

Some of the top secret and unique facts about this feline include:


1. High Maintenance

Have you ever had a clingy friend who wanted all of your time and attention? If you have, then a Bengal cat will fit directly into your lifestyle.

If you haven’t, get ready to have an attention-demanding pet. This is not a bad thing. However, it can be challenging for those who are not used to this kind of thing.

Let’s be honest. Most cats demand a lot of time. Given that they often ignore you and walk around like you do not exist, they still come around.

The Bengal cat requires a lot of observation. Unlike other cats, this is never toned down.

Your feline friend will follow you to the bathroom, the kitchen, bed and any other place that is within their reach.

This breed of cats absolutely loathes being ignored and will yell at you when you ignore them.

Before you get a Bengal cat, remember that you are bringing in a new and demanding best friend.

2. Dog-Like Qualities

Do you know why people prefer to keep dogs? Its Because they can teach them new tricks. Likewise, you can also have a cat that easily learns new tricks.

The Bengal cat is attentive and a fast learner. Can you imagine having a cat that can sit, roll over or even fetch?

It sounds like a dream come true. If you want to teach your Bengal cat some tricks, you will definitely need some treats.

These are used as rewards for positive reinforcement. Remember that this is how dogs are also trained. It is important to keep in mind that training might take some time.

In addition to the tricks, you can also take your indoor Bengal cat out for a stroll on a leash. This helps to keep them safe from other animals and traffic.

These dog-like qualities are interesting. Some people tend to exaggerate these qualities claiming that these cats can also bark, which is not true.

3. They Love Water

One thing that we all know about cats is their dislike for water. Some of the most viewed videos on the internet are of cats who do not want to take a bath.

Although it is hard to believe it, Bengal cats are actually an exception to the rule. Bengal cats love running and still but shallow water.

You can attest to this when you get your own Bengal kitty that joins you in the shower. They also like to play in the bathroom sink when the faucet is slightly running.

You will also find these cats playing in bathtubs that are filled to a few inches.

Most cats tend to watch you while you are in the shower. However, they rarely, if ever, join you in there.

Get a Bengal cat and your dreams of showering with your pet cat will be revived. The only downside to their love of water is that your fish are in trouble.


4. Extremely Active

From all the funny YouTube videos and pictures, we all know that cats like to chill around doing nothing.

You will find them near the window sill basking in the noonday sun, sucking up that warmth.

They occasionally follow the red dot but activity is not their forte.

When it comes to the Bengal cat, this is not the case. These feline creatures like to jump around and play all day.

They are extremely energetic when they are not asleep. You can rarely, if ever, have glass or ceramic decorations just lying around your house.

Chances are that they will get broken.

This energy goes hand in hand with their demand for attention.

So when you are asleep at night and feel something walking all over the bed, it is probably your Bengal cat trying to wake you up so you can spend some quality time together (in the middle of the night!)

5. Cat Burglar

The Bengal Cat must have been the source of the term ‘cat burglar.’ This breed of cats likes shiny things.

Just like burglars, they will creep into your room and steal your jewelry or house keys. They do not discriminate as long as the items are shiny.

When you suddenly cannot find your fancy necklace or one of your earrings, look for a ‘stash-spot.’ Your Bengal cat probably has a place where they keep the loot.

These items are not just collectibles. The cats like to play with them. What do you expect if you left your kitty all alone without a playmate?

You guessed it – mischief! Before you single out your Bengal cat and blame him or her for all your robberies, remember that other breeds of cats also tend to do the same thing.

This is one among the two most popular cat characteristics – stealing and bringing you weird (but thoughtful) gifts such as dead birds.

6. Climbing and Jumping

Have you ever seen those photos of cats that have bitten off more they can chew? They are high on a piece of furniture and do not know how they are going to safely get back onto the ground.

This is definitely not a picture of a Bengal cat. The Bengal cats are known to be great climbers and jumpers as well.

They can jump up to three times their height. The benefit of this is that you do not need to come to the rescue when you find your cat in weird high places around the house.

While you will always be sure that your Bengal cat is safe with heights, you cannot say the same for your furniture.

You have to be on guard. Ensure that there are no breakable decorations too high up.

Then again, almost all cats will break things around the house whether they are high off the ground or not.


7. Unique and Shiny Coat

One of the reasons why people like cats is the fur coat. Depending on the type of cat you have, you could spend all day petting and stroking your cat without getting bored.

The Bengal cat has one of the pushiest fur coats ever! It has a silk-like texture which is pleasing to touch. You can definitely agree that petting is not just about the amount of fur on the animal.

The texture plays a big role. With a Bengal cat, this is exactly what you get. Additionally, you get to enjoy the interesting spots and colors.

So it’s a win-win for both you and your cat. Another amazing thing about the Bengal cat is the shimmery nature of the coat.

There is an attractive sheen witnessed when the sun hits the fur. Furthermore, the cats lick themselves fewer times for grooming.

This ensures that you do not have a lot of dander in the air.

8. Wild Side

If you are a cat lover, you have probably thought of getting a lion, a cheetah or a leopard. You do not even have to keep them.

The goal is to hug these furry felines or just pet them. While this is a bit (okay, very) dangerous, you can cure this wild side by getting a Bengal cat.

The Bengal cat got the name derived from P. B. Bengalensis, an Asian leopard cat. They are the result of crossbreeding between the female Asian leopard cat and a male domestic one.

This was necessary as part of a study because the Asian leopard cats are immune to feline leukemia. You can see the Bengal cat’s wild side from its coat.

It has spotting on the sides and the back. Additionally, it also has stripes on its legs and other parts.

The characteristic short length of its fur was a trait from the original short-haired domestic male used in crossbreeding.

9. Noisy

If there was anything like an extroverted cat, then the Bengal would be a perfect example. These felines are extremely chatty.

They talk a lot and do not shy away from communicating their feelings. If they are hungry, bored or even tired, you will definitely know about it.

While most people appreciate some meowing here and there, some people get irritated when it gets noisy. If you do not like noise, the Bengal is definitely not your best option.

These cats are very vocal and can easily get on your last nerve. This is especially true when you are trying to fall asleep.

We all have that one friend that is rarely, if ever, quiet. Think of your Bengal cat as this friend. If you like the conversation, you can never get bored.

However, if you cannot handle the noise and interaction, then this chatty Cathy is not for you.


10. Good friends with dogs

What is the most common perception about dogs and cats? That they are not friends! In fact, they rarely get along.

If you are going to get a cat or dog after having a dog or a cat for a while, you need to make the introduction in a controlled environment.

It is scary to think about your little cat being mauled by a dog.

It is also as scary to imagine that your dog is being harassed by the cat, always having scratch and bite marks.

This is not a problem that you will have with the Bengal cat.

Owing to the Bengal’s friendly nature, the cat gets along with many people and animals. This includes dogs.

This is a great characteristic in a cat, especially if you already have a dog.

Although you still need to make the introduction over time, you will not encounter much resistance from the Bengal.

11. Breed Varieties

Bengal cats come in different breed varieties. This might sound confusing. After all, aren’t the felines already in a breed of their own?

This is absolutely true, but did you know that Bengal cats come in different colors? The difference in color is often seen in their various coats.

Some of the coat colors for Bengal cats include: the tri-color golden, dark golden, black, cinnamon-sorrel and charcoal Bengal cats.

Even with the difference in their coat colors, each of the Bengal cat still has the spots and stripes common in the breed.

They also all have the shiny nature when the sun hits their coats. Wouldn’t it be interesting to have more than one Bengal cat but have each of them in different shades?

It makes you wonder what color their offspring would be if they ended up mating.

This is perhaps why the Bengal is one of the most popular domesticated cats in the world.

12. Clean Freaks

If you have ever owned a cat, you have seen it licking itself. This is a way of grooming. It helps them to stay clean.

It probably explains why they do not like baths. After all, why would you want to take a bath after you have already cleaned yourself?

Earlier on, we saw just how much the Bengal cats like water. Did you also know that they like grooming themselves frequently?

They prefer to be clean although they do not overdo it. The grooming is done just enough to keep clean and not leave hair floating in the air.

To add onto this, the Bengal cat prefers to have its litter box always clean. You need to keep cleaning their litter box throughout the day.

Otherwise, they end up peeing and pooping in other clean places. The latter is definitely not an ideal situation.

The option is to have different litter boxes for when you are not around the house.


13. Territorial

It is not all fun and games with Bengal cats. You definitely have to consider getting them a unique space that is theirs alone.

This is because the cats are very territorial. They may not get aggressive about it but they like to have a place where no one else is allowed.

Sometimes you do not even need to designate this area. The cat will automatically choose their own spot and it is only upon you to respect the space.

If you are observant enough, you will know your Bengal cat’s special quiet place. At the same time, if you cannot where this spot is, then you are in trouble!

How are you going to find your shiny jewelry or keys when your feline friend hides them? They might be play things to the cats but you will need to retrieve them.

While you can get by without a necklace, the same cannot be said of your keys.

14. Destructive in Nature

Picture this: you walk into your house after getting a new cat only to find your electrical cords chewed in half. You have a few options.

The first option is to freak out and decide that you are kicking the cat out. This is inhumane and quite frankly, an overreaction.

The other option is to cat-proof your house. Bengal cats are destructive in nature. This is more pronounced when they are kittens and have not been trained.

However, if you get the cat at a young age, you can train it not to chew on electrical cords and other important things.

However, this is not foolproof. One of the ways to curb this destructive nature is to give the cat another activity to focus on.

You could place some posts around the house. These will act as spots where the cat sharpens its claws.

It might look inconsequential but you will see the importance when you never find torn sofas or carpets.

15. Biting Habit

Bengal cats really like to bite. This is part of what contributes to their destructive habits. They can bite anything: from wood to sofas and other furniture.

This is not such a bad thing if they are not tearing off fabric. However, if you do have some expensive furniture, this is definitely going to be a problem.

Although some people say these cats do not bite humans, this is debatable. Some Bengal cats do bite people.

The good thing is that the biting is only playful and not enough to hurt you.

When it comes to children, you cannot take the biting lightly as they could easily get hurt.

Biting is one of the behaviors that Bengal cats resort to when they get bored.

If they are occupied and active, they do not have a reason to go about biting stuff around your home.

Even when they do, it is more of playful.


16. Like Their Space

These cats like their space. They want a huge compound or area to live in. This is understandable because they are extremely active.

They would therefore feel confined in very little spaces. Unlike home cats, they do not just sit around all day doing nothing.

It is best to keep a Bengal cat if you have enough space for it. This feline will be jumping, climbing, playing and dashing from one side of the room to the other.

This can lead to a lot of damage if you have nice things such as decorations or even utensils. Bengal cats are energetic and active.

If you confine them in a small space, they will still make do with what they have. However, the same cannot be said of you.

You will need to keep replacing some things in your home. Think about your television, plaques, vases, glasses and flower pots.

There is no limit for what can be destroyed.

17. Get Bored Easily

When you have a Bengal cat, you need to have a budget for toys. This might sound funny but it is actually somewhat true.

These cats get bored very easily. You need to keep them entertained with different toys. This means that you need to have these different toys in the first place.

You could opt out of getting your cat these nice toys. The truth is that, this will only be disadvantageous to you.

We have already established that these cats have a destructive gene in their little bodies. If you want to have your home intact, keep them entertained even when you have stepped out.

The Bengal cat is very intelligent, which is probably why it gets bored so easily.

You cannot occupy its mind with just one repetitive thing. If you do, the cat will find a way of entertaining itself.

Chances are that you will not like this one bit.

18. Friendly and Loving

Bengal cats are extremely friendly and loving. It is in their nature. This explains why they get along with animals such as dogs.

They also get along with humans in the same way, if not more. They make for great companions especially when you have children.

These cats like attention and also have a lot of attention to give. This is why they are a great pet for children.

They are also energetic and will grab the opportunity to play any time. These cats and children are a match made in heaven, especially because the Bengal cats are gentle.

One thing to note about these cats is that they pick favorites. The cat will most likely have their favorite human in the house.

The cat showers the person with affection and also demands the same from them. You can count yourself lucky if you if you are one of the chosen few!


19. Excellent Bird Hunters

If you have pet birds, you cannot have Bengal cats. If you have poultry, you probably should not keep this breed of cats either.

Think about the relationship between Tweety and Sylvester from ‘The Looney Toons.’ Your bird is probably not safe with a Bengal cat around because these cats are great bird hunters.

Bengal cats are known as excellent bird hunters. This is a great quality when they are free to roam in the yard or climb on trees.

They get to stay active and occupied. Since they are great jumpers, you do not have to worry about them and heights.

The problem comes in when you have pet birds or rear poultry. The situation is even worse if your neighbor has these birds.

They will definitely be hunted down by your Bengal cat. Take a moment and remember all the dead gifts you receive from your cat. How many of them are birds?

20. Enjoy Food 

One of the things that you cannot deny about Bengal cats is their love for food. Their diet comprises of proteins and carbohydrates.

They often eat well, even as kittens. This could be explained by their extremely active nature.

They have to keep replenishing their energy from all the play.

How do you know that Bengal cats like food? If you have one, you can observe how it behaves when it’s feeding time.

It is not uncommon for the cat to jump all the way into the food bag. Also, once the food is in its bowl, there’s no stopping the cat from having a field day with it!

Bengals cat love food and this is beneficial to you. Let’s do the math, shall we? The more your cat eats, the bigger it gets and the healthier it is.

The bigger and healthier it is, the larger your companion.

The only downside is that you will probably spend more on food than you would for any other cat.