Ben Crellin Wikipedia And 10 Facts To Know About

Ben Crellin does not have his information on Wikipedia.

Ben Crellin makes spreadsheets to help people navigate the FPL schedule. FPL is the abbreviation for Fantasy Premier League. This is an app where people can make their own football team by selecting their favorite football player, and they gain and lose points as per the play of the payer in the real game.

Ben has his own FPL Calendar, which he has made in the google spreadsheets. The calendar contains FPL schedules, H/A Schedule, H/A Ordered, FDR, FDR Difference, and Rotation Pairs. However, the internet does not have a lot of information about Ben Crellin.

Name Ben Crellin
Gender Male
Profession FPL spreadsheet maker
Twitter @BenCrellin

10 Facts About Ben Crellin

  1. Ben Crellin has not given any information about his age to the media or the internet. Moreover, his nationality is also unknown.
  2. The net worth of Ben Crellin is not revealed publicly as he has also not talked about his net worth with any media.
  3. Ben Crellin is active on Twitter as @BenCrellin. He has shared 31.1 thousand tweets, and his Twitter account has 125.2 thousand followers. Moreover, he joined Twitter in April 2009.
  4. The salary of Ben Crellin has been kept a secret by Ben himself. There is no possible information about his salary on the internet.
  5. Nobody knows about Ben Crellin’s wife as he has never revealed anything about his married life or wife on the media.
  6. According to his bio, Ben Crellin makes spreadsheets about the FPL schedules and helps people to stay updated about the changes in FPL.
  7. His Twitter is full of tweets about the data of FPL and the information of players. Moreover, he also recommends people to choose a particular player so that they can earn more points.
  8. Ben is a die-hard football fan and has every possible piece of information about world football with him.
  9. He has been helping a lot of people who play FPL by providing the stats and other information about the players and the teams.
  10. An FPL player can check his spreadsheet and know about all the updates of the game and the perfect transferring time of any player.