Bella Cuomo Age – Where does Bella Goes to School? Family and Siblings

Bella Cuomo Age - Where does Bella Goes to School? Family and Siblings

Chris Cuomo is one of the prominent journalists working today. He currently presents the regular show ‘Cuomo Prime Time’ on CNN.

Additionally, he was previously affiliated with the ABC News. There, he served as the co-anchor for ABC’s 20/20.

Chris is an interesting character. He has worked for a fair amount of time at Fox. Now, however, he seems to have shifted sides. Currently, he works on CNN.

In addition, in one of the episodes of Cuomo Prime Time, he discussed his time on Fox. He explained that now the network is not what it started as.

While Cuomo might appear regularly on your television screen, how well do you know the guy? For example, did you know that he is a married man?

Here, we will discuss Chris Cuomo’s daughter Bella.

Bella Cuomo’s Age (16 Years)

Bella Cuomo is 16 years of age. She is an American national. Additionally, she is of part Italian ethnicity as her father is of Italian roots.

Where does Bella Go to School?

Bella attended the preschool at Hollingworth. Moreover, her present schooling details are not available. She is probably at the latter phase of her high schooling years.

Bella Cuomo’s Family

Bella Cuomo was born to parents Chris Cuomo, Cristina Greeven Cuomo. Her grandparents are Mario Cuomo and Matilda Cuomo from his father side.

Mario was an American politician of the Democratic Party. Previously, he was the 52nd Governor of New York. Moreover, he served in the position for three terms. He has also served as Lieutenant Governor of New York and Secretary of State of New York.

Similarly, her grandparents from the mother’s side are Regina Greeven and Rainer Greeven. Additionally, her uncle Andrew Cuomo is an American politician, author, and lawyer.

Andrew serves as the 56th governor of New York since. He has held the position since 2011. He was the U.S. Secretary of Housing and Urban Development from 1997 to 2001.

Bella also has three aunts: Maria, Margaret, and Madeline. Maria Cuomo Cole is a film producer and is married to Kenneth Cole. Margaret I. Cuomo is an American radiologist and also a writer.

Furthermore, details regarding Madeline Cuomo is not available.

Bella Cuomo’s Siblings – Carolina and Mario

Bella Cuomo has two siblings: Carolina Regina Cuomo and Mario Cuomo. Carolina made an appearance on her father Chris’ set one time during his nightly conversation with Don Lemon.

Bella Cuomo’s Parents

Bella Cuomo was born to Chris Cuomo and Cristina Greeven Cuomo. As mentioned, Chris is a popular American journalist. He currently presents Cuomo Prime Time on CNN.

Christina and Chris married on November 24, 2001. The wedding ceremony was held at the Sacred Heart of Jesus and Mary Catholic Church.

Christina is the founder of Hamptons Purist magazine. She is a Cornell University graduate who has also been the Vice Chairman of Niche Media LLC.

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Bella Cuomo: Some Facts

Bella enjoys singing. She has a beautiful voice. Her mother has posted multiple videos of her daughter singing on her Instagram account.

Additionally, Bella has performed on various musical occasions in her schooling years. She has an Instagram page. However, it is kept private. There, she has more than 2 thousand followers.

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