What is a beauty for you, blonde hair, blue eyes or fair skin? Since the existence of human being, the description of beauty has been changed according to time and situation.

Moreover, each person has a different explanation of beauty. Though we should always keep in mind that beauty is your soul, your heart, and your personality. So all beautiful women there remember, beauty is a thing that makes your personality sparkle along with your precious idea, kindness, and humanity.

And here we have Thylane Blondeau who was stated as “the most beautiful girl in the world” at the warm age of six. Let’s see what she has cooked all these years with that extravagant title.


1. On-Glam world since her 4th birthday

Born on 5 April 2001, Thylane Blondeau real name is Thylane Lena-Rose Loubry Blondeau. Blondeau holds a French nationality and resides in Aix-en-Provence. She is the first and only daughter of Patrick Blondeau and Veronika Loubry.

Blondeau is setting a fire in the modeling industry since the tender age of four. The thing is, even at that delicate age, she was ruling the shoots and runways with her natural charming looks and pouty smile. That’s what favored her to take place in people heart and eyes.

She stayed in the spotlight both in positive or negative aspects. Even her parents were criticized for killing innocence of her childhood. But, those things didn’t make her stop as a model rather she got more attention and publicity.

2. DNA is the reason of Blondeau’s beauty

Thylane Blondeau is a lucky gene to get a mother like Veronika Loubry. Veronika is a French actress, fashion designer, and TV personality. Now, hope you won’t ask how Thylane had that ultra natural look and classic attitude. Like mom, like daughter!

Blondeau is living high profile life and enjoying all those luxurious trips. And, that’s because of her mother unconditional support and directions. Her mother is the reason why she got a heart-swiping opportunity of walking for Jean Paul Gaultier at the age of 4.

The astonishing beauty of Blondeau has made her the most beautiful girl in the world. That looks which is inherited from her mother. She is absolute Xerox copy of her mother by profession, charm, and success. Here we can blame our gene for getting not so admired look or luxury.

3. Former Int’l Footballer as Thylane's Dad

The Blondeau family is enriched with great talent, charisma, and success. Patrick Blondeau, a former international football player is the loving father of Thylane Blondeau. He has also performed in the Premier League as well as Ligue 1. He became a proud father of beautiful baby girl when he was 33 years old.

Patrick is not only known for his sporty image but also as handsome and kind man. Though, Thylane’s parents are already divorced in 2016. They have given birth to two gorgeous children together. Her mother is in a relationship with Gerard Kadoche since divorce with Patrick.


4. Controversial featuring in Vogue

Right after named as “the most beautiful girl in the world”, Vogue magazine featured her in their editorial. That step was enough to create impression on public mind for her recently given the title. She rose to prominence with her mature and stylish Vogue cover pictures.

But the journey was not that easy, she was only 10 years old when she was featured in the magazine. And, there she was imitated as a grown up model with all those glittery makeup, high heels and heaps of bling. Many people criticized Vogue for hypersexualization of a child for the promotion of the brand.

That issue went for a long time in the industry with a huge discussion of using children in luxurious marketing and false impact. With a strong opinion of experts saying that that kind of stuff can destroy the natural development of youth.

5. Clash Between Society and Mom

When Thylane was covered by Vogue, numerous questions rose regarding her childhood, morality, and sexualization. All those provoking dresses which were highly exposing were not digested by many people. However, her mother completely denied the issue of sexualization.

Veronika Loubry shielded the pictures appeared on Vogue. And moreover, she said to some French media that,”The only thing that shocks me about the photo is the necklace that she’s wearing, which is worth 3 million Euros.” We hope, she did all those things for her daughter better career, not of her own.

While asking Veronika about Thylane she claimed she has rejected huge paycheck for allowing her to cherish normal life. Seems, she was not that apathetic regarding her daughter wellbeing.

6. Controversy remained controversy

In spite of various flaming controversy concerning the pictures on Vogue, Thylane Blondeau didn’t surrender then. The daughter of ambitious mother, Thylane is ambitious too that’s how she has wowed various designers and brands. She is hopping regularly in the front line of the fashion world.

 She has now formed a niche on her own in the glamorous world as well as in acting. She has progressed and had walked gracefully in several runways. She has been featured in many prestigious magazines like Jalouse. She has also ruled the fashion shows such as Dolce & Gabbana’s Fall 2017, Micheal Kors’s show and other.

She has turned 16 since April 2017, and at this young age, she has almost aced the industry with her intense beauty and wonderful works. Till date, she has appeared in several runways including New York Fashion Week where she was placed alongside Gabriel Day-Lewis. And she is in contact with a renowned modeling agency, IMG which represents Gigi and Hadid, Kaia Gerber.


7. Acting and Her Goals

Thylane Blondeau has achieved a lot compared to her age. She is not ruling the ramps but also has been admired for her acting skills. This beauty with fine brain tried her step on acting in 2015. She debuted in French movie named Belle et Sebastien, I’aventure continue (Bella and Sebastian: The Adventure Continues).

She can craft her name in golden walls of Hollywood with her passionate heart, determination and great effort. She has already impressed her followers and industry with her beauty and intellectual nature. And the day is not so far when she would be cast along with her dream actress, Angelina Jolly as she said to Teen Vogue in 2015.

Moreover, she is not a mousy newcomer in the field so it would not be that difficult for her to flourish her charm whether in acting or modeling. Her friendly nature has helped earn several successful people in fashion world which will obviously be advantageous for her at any time of need.

8. Face of L’Oreal and Cannes Film Festival

What could anyone expect on their 16th birthday? If it was me I will ask no more than a pretty red dress and chocolate cake with enormous happiness. But here Thylane Blondeau got her major contract from L’Oreal as its latest ambassador. The brand posted on Blondeau Instagram on her birthday with the caption,” Happy super sweet 16 and welcome to the family we love you”.

The controversial 10 years child has all turned as classy representative of the eminent brand. She is now appearing in campaigns conducted by L’Oreal Paris’s skincare, hair and makeup line. That was started with the company’s Hydra Genius line.

Before being assigned as L’Oreal’s ambassador, Blondeau already walked in red carpet of Cannes Film Festival as brand’s squad. According to Fashionista, a publication of brand says Thylane was formerly a “friend of the brand,” having “joined the ‘Lorealista Squad” for her first Cannes walk, but is now will be working with L’Oreal on an official basis.

9. Personal and Professional Life

With all that massive fame and beauty, Thylane Blondeau has always managed to keep her personal and professional life in balance. When asked her about that she told,”My friends and I don’t talk about it a lot. It’s kind of my secret garden. But my family is very happy for me.” She seems like simple school going girl without any swank and show-off.

She is just like normal cool youth outside but almost swipes off the show when in work. During Chanel’s 2016 Spring show, when she was asked what you doing after she told,”Going home to get some rest and going to school.” She is a versatile and hard-working teen who has a big dream and still does her everything on time. And that is what called a symptom of lifting toward sweet destiny.