What will be your expressions if somebody gifted you a bouquet with your favorite flowers? I believe it will not only brings a sense of happiness but also will keep that special moment in your memory lane.

Whether it will be your birthday, anniversary, marriage, career achievements or any cultural ceremonies flowers are used everywhere. This kind of strong bonding with the flowers is believed to be since the evolution of mankind.



1. Rose

When there is a debate about beautiful flowers, rose always take the first spot.  Rose and human are interconnected since 500 BC. At the time of Greek and Roman, rose were linked with immortal love, Aphrodite, and Venus.

More than 100 species of rose are found in the world and every species has its own beauty and value. Every shade of rose symbolizes something such as red for true love, yellow for friendship, pink for gratitude and happiness, and white for peace.

2. Tulip

Tulips are perennial flowers that symbolize resurrection and determination. Around the world, there are more than 150 species of tulips and are available in four colors including red, pink, yellow, orange and purple.

As tulips represent Dignity and elegance, they are an 11th wedding anniversary flower. They bloom from spring and are popular during Easter and are great for a wedding. The bloom tulip only lasts long for 5-7 days.

3. Orchids

Orchid is beautiful and delicate with more than 25000 species. If you notice then you will find out wedding is incomplete in absence of Orchid in western nations. Being a symbol of love, fertility, and luxury, they are known as 14th wedding anniversary flowers.

Just like a rose, every color of orchid has its own value, White orchids for virtue and purity, purple for respect, orange for pleasure and passion and pink for femininity.  There are large and small orchids and have a long life and short life.


4. Lotus

Lotus plant belongs to Nillumbik family and has religious significance. They can’t grow in dark and cold place, lotus needs all day sunlight for a living. This flower is light sensitive that open in the daytime and closes in the night.

The lotus can grow up to 20cm in diameter and its leaves can grow about 60cm. Lotus have a great value for Hindu and Buddhist community as it represents enlightenment, harmony, and rebirth. And for Egyptians, lotus stands for the sun.

5. Sunflower

Sunflowers occupied the fourth place as it is cheerful, warm and bright. They are the great combo of beauty and utility. Sunflowers were originated from Central America and South America in 1,000 B.C. Since ancient times, they are used for decorating places and for food and oil.

They are a 3rd-anniversary flower and symbolizes sun, happiness, endurance, and warmth. Since an early time, many people are inspired by sunflowers. Once Author Pam Stewart said, “If I were a flower, I’d be a sunflower to always follow the sun and turn my back on darkness.

6. Dahlia

The National flower of Mexico, Dahlia is named after Anders Dahl, 18th-century botanist. This flower is renowned for its layer petals. Its main origin is South America, Mexico, and Central America. It blooms from midsummer until the start of winter.

There are 42 different species of Dahlia and are available in four different colors such as Fuchsia, Pink, Orange, and Red. In Victorian language, Dahlia is a symbol of warning or betrayal. However, it stands for dignity, commitment, and strong bonding.


7. Water lilies

Water lilies are probably known as the queen of all aquatic flowers. This flower only grows in fresh water. It helps in balancing the water temperature in the pond for aquatic animals. There are around 70 different types of lily are found in the world.

Water lilies bloom from spring to fall. It opens up in the morning and closes at night. They are available in numerous colors such as yellow, pink, white, orange, and purple and blue.

8. Camellia

Camellia is native to Eastern and Southern Asia. It is one of the most popular flowers in South America. It is very pretty with its gentle curve and delicate petals. More than 3,000 types of camellia are found in the world.

Generally, Camellia is used to make a perfume.  They are found in three different colors such as white, pink and red. Every color represents something different, red represents the love of my life, and white represents adoration and pink for longing.

9. Bleeding Heart

Bleeding heart belongs to Papaveraceae family. Its origin is China, Korea, and Japan. This is a heart-shaped pink white colored flower and grows well in cool and moist climate. During spring, you can find 20 or more heart-shaped flowers on each of the arching stems.

Generally, they are found in three different colors red, pink and white colors. It usually grows 120 cm tall. Sometime it could be a toxin for some people as they can feel skin irritation from isoquinoline.


10. Gazania

Gazania is a native flower to South Africa and belongs to Asteraceae. It is somehow similar to daisy and is known as treasure plant. Gazania is a bright flower with silver-green leaves. To grow well, Gazania needs to get full sunshine.

Gazania blooms in mid-summer until early fall. This flower is available in various colors including Orange, yellow, red, white and pink. It used to bloom in the day time and close in the evening.

11. lilies

Lilies are the symbol of Mother Mary’s virginity and chastity. These flowers were used during the funeral as it symbolizes innocence. There is a belief that soul of deceased will restored peace. The delicate beauty of lily always delivers peace to the Spector’s mind.

Lilies are best for a 30th wedding anniversary. There are numerous types of lilies found around the world. The white lilies symbolize virtue and purity, Peruvian lilies stands friendship and faithfulness. These are best for weddings and other functions.

12. Daffodils

Daffodils are the most popular spring’s flower and a symbol of friendship. They are an attractive golden yellow flower with trumpet-shaped corona. As it symbolizes new beginning and rebirth. Their sweet fragrant can bring relief to the stressed person.

In China, people used to celebrate whenever daffodils start to bloom. As they have a belief that it symbolizes fortune. According to Greek myth, the bending shape of daffodils means the hunter is just gazing at his own reflection as he fell in love with his own beautiful shadow.


13. Marigold

Being a cultural and ornamental flower, Marigold belongs to the daisy family. Just like the other flower, we can find marigold in different shades such as yellow, orange and copper-brown.  As it is interconnected with the sunlight as it is known as the herb of the sun and this flower is carrying out the positive vibes.

It symbolizes warmth, affection and inspires better relationship. People of different religion such as Hindu and Buddhist offered this sacred flower to their god.

14. Bird of paradise

Definitely, the name, bird of paradise is a weird name for a flower. It is native to South Africa and belongs to the Strelitziaceae family. This flower is named after the bird ‘Bird of Paradise’ as its shape is exactly like that bird.

Bird of Paradise is known as crave flower and symbolize the paradise. This flower blooms from May to September. If we take a close then we can find three orange color sepals and another three blue inner sepals. For healthy growth, these flowers need to be full sunshine as it grows health in outdoors.

15. Cherry blossom

Cherry blossom needs no explanation as most of us have already encountered the D.C’s National Cherry Blossom Festival. The main attraction of the festival is about 3,000 cherry trees.

If we look back to the history, back in 1912 Tokyo mayor Ozaki offered Japanese cherry trees to U.S to make strong bonding between the two nations. Cherry blossoms bloom in the early spring season. The beautiful white and pink shades bloom at end of March and beginning April.


16. Laurel

Basically, Laurel is better known as mountain laurel and spoonwood. It belongs to Ericaceae family and native to the eastern United States. Usually, they are the small flower with red and white petals.

Laurel symbolizes the ambition and perseverance. In Greek, this flower carries great value as they offer this flower to Nobel man, poet, and national heroes. It can also be taken as the sign of deceit and false praise.

17. Iris

Iris belongs to the iridaceous family and about 300 species are found all around the world. This flower symbolizes faith, hope, friendship, and courage. Iris is the national flower of Croatia. Its name came from the Greek word rainbow.

According to Greek myth, if purple is planted over the grave of the women, it will guide the soul to heaven. Every color of Iris has its own symbolic meaning such as White Iris for Purity and kindheartedness, yellow for passion, blue for optimism and trust. Irish is 25th wedding Anniversary flower.

18. Delphinium

Delphinium derived from the word, delphis means dolphin. It is better known as Larkspur.  This flower is native to high African mountains and northern hemisphere. It is also known as July birth flower.

Generally, it was used to make a blue dye by Native American and European settlers. It is also believed that in ancient time this flower is used to drive away scorpions.


19. Pansy

Pansy is a very common flower and is generally identified as a symbol of spring. This flower belongs to Violaceae family. In the Victorian period, the pansy flower was used for secret courting. Pansies are widely preferred during wedding and funerals.

Pansies are the symbol of love and admiration. This flower is available in different colors and every color flower has its own symbolic meaning. Red and violet for passion, pink for innocence, blue for calm and equality, and yellow for happiness.

20. Queen Anne’s Lace

Actually, Queen Anne’s lace is a wild carrot. This flower is native to Europe and Southwest Asia, North America and Australia. It’s named after the British Queen, Queen Anne. There is an interesting story how this flower got the name of British queen.

Once, Queen Anne was challenged by her friend to create a lace as beautiful as a flower. In the process of making a lace, she stabbed her finger. Then it is believed that the red-purple color in the center represents her blood.

21. Gladioli

Gladioli, also regarded as tall flowers consists of several flowers in a single stem. The flower is said to be native to South Africa and Mediterranean Europe.

Also, it is one of the top-selling flowers because of its color and aroma. It is also available in numerous color like pink, purple, salmon, white, yellow, orange and green as well.


22. Sweet pea

Sweet Pea lies in the family of Fabaceae and is originally from Sicily, Italy. However, due to the advancement of agriculture people started to cultivate in the third world as well.

It became famous for its qualities of heavenly smell and majorly use in cosmetic industry for fragrance. Folks believe it symbols many thanks and will provide blissfulness.

23. Lavender

It is one of the prominent spikey flower somewhat bluish, violet or light purple in color. This flower is the sign of clarity, prosperity and devotion. Furthermore its unique scent and size has renowned this flowers as royal class.

24. Protea

Protea, also known as Sugarbuses is a native of South Africa. The flower symbolizes the change and hope and regarded as the oldest flower keeping its record since 300 million years ago.


25. Freesia

A funnel-shaped flower “Freesia” first ever discovered by German Physician falls under Iridaceae family. This symbolizes friendships and is also regarded as the 7th-anniversary flowers as per the language of flower.