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Beatrice Rosen has tried her hands in a number of varied roles in the past decade. Filling her resume with a series of French movies and television series in the late 1990s, she entered Hollywood with much experience and acting credits to her name. In just a few years, she was seen as a ballerina with a killer Russian accent in The Dark Knight. Born on November 29, 1984, the French actress is a superb performer and quite a looker.

Beatrice is a New Yorker by birth but was raised in Paris where she eventually discovered her penchant for acting. At age ten she started learning performing arts and studied acting throughout her teenage years. She has been performing ballet for many years. She is presently single.

Beatrice made a breakthrough in her career as a standout talent at a Cannes Film Festival. Prior to this, she had been appearing in French series like Un et un font six, Vertiges, Manatea, les perles du Pacifique, Baie oust and Le bleu de l’ocean. She had a minor role in the teen series Charmed on The WB. She appeared as Maya Holmes for three of the season eight episodes. She was seen for the second time on the network as prom queen wannabe Dawn Stiles in Smallville. She starred in Chasing Liberty in 2004 with Mandy Moore and was Batman’s romantic interest in The Dark Knight. She also performed a critically acclaimed role in 2008 in the British movie Sharpe’s Peril alongside Sean Bean. In the UK, she also got applauded for her role in The Big I Am. She appeared in the drama series Harry’s Law in 2010 and guest starred as a princess in Nikita. Her short-lived role in Cuts is also credited as one of her popular works. She became a brat for the portrayal of a spoiled girl in American series Commando Nanny soon after she wrapped up with Chasing Liberty. Her big break in Hollywood came with the release of The Dark Knight in 2008. For the movie, she donned a Russian accent and called upon her inner ballerina to portray Natascha. She was seen using a Russian accent again in the apocalypse drama 2012 with John Cusack. She has guest starred in Law & Order in its tenth season and has cameos in Under the Rainbow and The Smurfs 2. In 2010, she embodied French brand, Lancel.

Beatrice Rosen has been quickly climbing up the celebrity ladders of Hollywood. With just a few roles, she has made her mark in American film industry. The French damsel is a typical girl when it comes to shopping, she is addicted to it. She enjoys boxing, hiking and dancing. 

Beatrice Rosen is an actress with a lot of valuable experience in French television films and series. Since her entry in Hollywood in the early 2000s, she has risen up as a star actress and a born celebrity. Many of her best works are hopefully yet to come.