Bass Webb Wikipedia: Everything To Know About Him

Bass Webb Wikipedia Age, Family Sentence and Tattoo

Bass Webb is a criminal with a very long history of assault and violent crimes. Read the complete article to know more about Bass Webb in detail.

Bass Webb is a very dangerous criminal who has been serving jail time for his criminal activities. He was sentenced to 50 years in prison for the gruesome rape and murder of Bryia Runiewicz by a Pendleton judge in September 2012. Moreover, he was also facing multiple other charges against him.

Webb was sentenced to 10 years for third-degree assault on multiple police officers, 20 years for attempted murder, and again  17 years for another attempted murder. 

Bass Webb Wikipedia

Webb has not been featured on Wikipedia yet.

This person is not a celebrity and has only come into the limelight of the media for being a criminal. That is why he has not been featured by Wikipedia.

Bass Webb Age: His Family

Webb age is said to be 38 years old as he was born in 1983.

He has not revealed his actual birthdate and his birthplace. However, it is known that if his girlfriend had not died, then she would have been 39 years old now. Therefore, we can say that Webb was one year younger than his girlfriend.

Bass Webb has not given any information about his family in the media or even on the internet.

The only person related to him was his ex-girlfriend, except that none of his family members have been known by the world.

How Long Was He Sentenced For? 

Bass Webb was sentenced to a total of 50 years for all his crimes.

He was sentenced for multiple crimes, out of which two cases were attempted murders and one was a sure murder. Bass has been spending his jail time in the Bourbon County jail.

Bass Webb Tattoo Explored

Webb has made a lot of tattoos on his body.

Even the head of this criminal is full of tattoos and all his other body parts, and he absolutely loves his tattoos.