Barry Weiss from Storage Wars is Hospitalized after a Serious Motorcycle Wreck!

Barry Weiss from Storage Wars was recently got hit with an unexpected bill when he was rushed to the hospital after a bad accident on April 25.

The 68-year-old television celebrity – famous for the A&E Networks’ ‘Star Wars’ was vigorously hit by a four-wheeler while he was riding his motorcycle on Wednesday at about 2:30 p.m.

Weiss and a friend of his were riding their bikes down the street when a car emerged from a parking space and apparently slammed the silver-fox without looking – it was claimed.

Barry’s friend Jamie was quick enough to post the video of the crash after the accident to his Instagram. Within an hour of the horrific incident, the police took over the site and revealed that the substance abuse or the alcohol wasn’t a factor in the accident.

The reality star, who is the godfather of Sandra Bullock’s ex-spouse Jesse James, Barry Weiss is now recovering from his broken bones and several internal injuries at Los Angeles’ the Intensive Care Unit – as per TMZ’s latest update.

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Who is Barry Weiss? His Biography

According to Barry Weiss’ bio on A&E website, the longtime New Yorker started carving a name for himself as an antiquarian since the young age of 15 – a passion that he follows to this day.

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The eccentric antique collector the whole nation fell in love with ‘Storage Wars’ on A&E Networks, Barry’s colorful personality and real-life experience, let out the best & the works of every cast as well as people around him.

His in-depth knowledge as an ancient antique collector ranges from war relics to vintage vehicles, and everything in between.

Always on the go, Barry is constantly seeking for an outside-the-box material to achieve his next big score and takes no shame in his peculiar tactics. You can watch Barry’s on ‘Storage Wars’ for the savage, one-liners.

Although Barry doesn’t have his account on social media, you can still look to his fandom, which has created an Instagram fanbase account.

How rich is Storage Wars’ Barry Weiss in 2019?

Barry Weiss’ net worth is $10 million, Celebrity Net Worth estimates. As a reality star and lifelong storage-treasure seeker, Barry has collected his 8-figure fortune.

Also, not be confused Barry Weiss with the music executive and producer of the same name! While Barry has become the well-known star on hit ‘Storage Wars’ on A&E, he is popular as ‘The Collector’ thanks to his super impressive compilation of valuable antiques.

Furthermore, his car collection is actually very stunning and the 1947 Custom Cowboy Cadillac remains his most valuable collection to date.

Often seen with a new vehicle on each auction, Barry’ haunting devices include remote controlled helicopter and night-vision glasses and someone to make the bid.

Prior to claiming his popularity on reality shows, Barry and his brother made their living through producing business.

After spending 25-years on a wholesale producing business, Barry eventually gave up on business, traveled the world, returned home and used multi-million fortune to initiate his passion for collectibles & antiques.