Bao Bao Wan | Biography

Beijing born, Bao Boa Wan is one of the most popular Chinese women in the world. She is a world-class designer who is globally recognized as the creator and owner of the Bao Bao Wan Fine Jewelry franchise. Raised in a traditional Chinese family, Bao Bao has used her traditional influences to create some of the fashion world’s most beautiful designs and make them into jewelry. Her date of birth is not known but as of 2014 she is in her late twenties.

Bao Bao Wan was raised in Zhongnanhai in the capital city of China. She comes from a traditional and rich family background. Her grandfather is the famous politician Wan Li who headed the National People’s Congress formerly. Because of the family’s political background, Bao Bao’s early years were spent within the boundary of the presidential compounds. Her grandfather helped her artistic development by hiring a teacher for her to learn the Dream of the Red Chamber. When she was fifteen, she aspired to travel abroad and pursue a career in fashion and arts in contrast to finance or economics as her parents would want her to. She moved to America where she went to high school in New York. Presently, she is one of the most sought after designers in jewelry fashion. She has been making frequent appearances in magazines and celebrity tabloids but has been quiet about her relationships.

Even as a child, she had traveled to America. She returned to the United States to complete her high school education. She was very interested in French literature. She went to Master’s School in New York and after graduation she studied at Sarah Lawrence College. While in college, she indulged in photography and became an assistant to Joel Sternfeld. For her final college year, she moved to Paris where she became one of the first socialites of Chinese nationality. She was the foremost Chinese socialite to attend the world famous Bal des Debutantes ceremony at the Hotel Crillon. While in France, she gained much inspiration from French culture. She later moved to Hong Kong and attended the Gemological Institute of America. in 2006, she graduated with a Gemologist degree from the graduate school. On November 27, 2007, she successfully launched her self-titled jewelry line, Bao Bao Wan Fine Jewelry. Her opulent and unique designs reflected Chinese culture and history. The designer has stated that all her jewelry have been inspired from her experiences and memories of her home country. Her strong will and determination have led her company to new heights over the years representing the power of Chinese women. She has been featured in many international magazines such as Time Magazine, Vogue and W and her designs are worn by several celebrities. In 2009, she was approached by Forever Mark to work together. She worked with prominent designers like Allen Chan, Theo Fennel and Limi Yamahato to launch Precious Collection in Japan, China and Hong Kong. Recently, she collaborated with Zaha Hadid, Swarovski, Stephen Webster, Patrick Mauboussin and others and her designs were included in the 2010 issue of Gemvisions.

Bao Bao Wan is career driven but doesn’t let her professional life hamper other parts of her life. As a popular socialite, she attends many parties and gatherings and has a large network in social circles. She enjoys spending time with her friends and loves to socialize whether it is a high profile party or a gathering of friends.

Bao Bao Wan is a prominent jewelry designer of China who is famous for her traditional Chinese designs all over the world. She is a high class socialite with an impressive family history.  With her thriving business, she is on the rise to become one of the best in the fashion world. As a Chinese woman, she feels blessed to have had such luck with her career and aspires to bring honor to her country from her work.