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Bailey Munoz Age, Height :: How Tall is Bailey From SYTYCD? Hospital, Family, Parents
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Bailey Munoz is a kid from ‘Future Funk’ in the fifth season of America’s Got Talent. He alongside Baby Boogalo made into the semi-finals.

The promising kid has now grown to be a superstar hip-hop dancer. After almost a decade, Bailey Munoz reappeared in the dance show ‘So You Think You Can Dance‘.

He even had a brief acting career. However, he got back into the spotlight after making into the finals of SYTYCD season 16.

The winner prize is up for the grabs and just a step away. Thanks to the prediction from the experts and judges, Bailey Munoz is one of the favorites.

There’s more to his personal and family life. Here’s all you need to know about his physique and personal life.

Bailey Munoz Age: 19 Years old

It may be surprising to see a 19-year-old kid Bailey rise to fame. But if you are aware of his performances on AGT when he was 9 years old, you wouldn’t be surprised at all.

He had that dancer’s blood since his childhood. Inspired by movies like ‘You Got Served’ and ‘Step Up’, he was bound to be a great dancer.

Born on April 26, 2000, he is 19 years old as of 2019. Despite the tender number attached to his age, he has already established himself as up-and-coming dancers in the United States.

Likewise, he has already made into the finals of the SYTYCD as that age. Almost every contestant are less than 20 years old but it’s not the point.

The point is that he has already felt the feeling of being in front of cameras and tons of fans. A lot of experts even believe he can lift the winner’s trophy through his mesmerizing hip-hop dance.

Bailey Munoz is a short guy with big dreams. He is 5 feet tall in height.


It’s never easy to be around when you are likely the shortest guy. Moreover, there is bullying, teasing and stuff around friends and school life.

Bailey Munoz is also one of those short guys who became the victim of teasing and bullying. It’s very rare for children to withstand that pressure.

However, Bailey welcomed the critics with an open arm. He never focused on his short physique or friend’s mocking.

As of 2019, Bailey Munoz is just 5 feet tall. He had a dream to be a superstar. Central to that dream, he always concentrated on his passion for dancing.

As a matter of fact, he has sent a perfect example to all those kids during his school days.

Bailey Munoz’s Parents and Family

Details about his parents are not available publicly for now.

However, claims his parents to be Barbara and Ferdie. Likewise, he also has a sister Faithe.

They may be able to dig the information about parents during their appearance in season 5 of America’s Got Talent.

His Childhood and Hospital days

As mentioned earlier, his childhood was not so fruitful. It’s not due to his family and economic condition but the physical problem.

The problem persisted since his birth. His parents claim that he was born in 7 months, 2 months premature.

Likewise, he was just a four-pond baby after birth. His parents had to follow up and visit the hospital daily to watch after his physical situation.