Azriel Crews Age, Wiki (Terry Crews Daughter) Boyfriend, Family, Bio Facts

Azriel Crews Age, Wiki (Terry Crews Daughter) Boyfriend, Family, Bio

What it’s like to be children of a famous person? Do you think the children of the famous person also have to face the media and all? In my opinion, yes they do because we can see lots of kids who are famous because of their parent’s stardom. But the main question is do these kids feel pressurized to be as famous as their parents in the future?

Some kids of celebs turn out to be normal but some get more success and fame than their parents. Likewise, this article is about the daughter of the famous actor-comedian Terry Crews. Her name is Azriel Crews. She is very famous and has earned stardom like her father.

If you want to know more about Azriel Crews, below are her details:

Azriel Crews Age (29 years)

Azriel Crews is 29 years old as of 2019. She was born on the 13th day of November 1990. She was born in the United States of America.

Azriel Crews Wiki

As mentioned earlier Azriel is the daughter of the famous actor-comedian Terry Crews.

Azriel is an American singer, Holywood actress, brand ambassador, and an influencer. She has made a good impression in the field of acting and singing. However, she got her fame from the reality series, The Family Crews.

As mentioned in The Family Crews, she did very well in the audition and then started studying musical theater at New York University. In addition, she did lots of vocal lessons and auditions and is still doing it.

Azriel also runs a Youtube channel. She produces her own makeup videos in her YouTube. But she is not that active in her Youtube. Despite not being active, she has hundred of the subscriber.

She has learned many life lessons from her father Terry Crews. Terry Crews was a retired football player who later made a good career in Hollywood. Not only made a good career but became a star. So, Azriel is inspired by her father a lot in pursuing and chasing the dream. And also handling ups and downs of life.

Azriel Crews Boyfriend

When it comes to sharing information about personal life many celebrities hesitate. Likewise, Azriel also doesn’t like sharing her relationship status.

However, from sources, we came to know that Azriel Crews is not married and not dating anyone as boyfriend recently.

Family & Parents

Azriel Crews was born to her father Terry Crews and her mother Rebecca King-Crews.  She has three siblings whose names are Tera Crews, Isaiah Crews, Wynfrey Crews, and Naomi Burton-Crews.

Bio Facts

As mentioned earlier, Azriel was born in 1990 to Crews family. She was raised by a family who has a strong faith and bound with the Christion community.

The details of her early life and academics are not available.

Azriel has a net worth of about $600 thousand dollars.

Moreover, Azriel was once invited to present an award to her father where he talks about sexual assault experience. After that, Azriel started to raise the point against misogyny and toxic masculinity. In addition, she decided to advocate women form making comfortable with their own skin.

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