Who Is Avi Yemini Wife? Domestic Violence Case Explored

Avi Yemini was married to Ms. Lyford, but after a particular incident, his wife divorced him and charged a domestic violence case against him. 

He hurled a chopping board at his ex-wife's head as she was preparing supper in March 2016, leaving her with a bruise on her forehead.

Ms. Lyford described her version of events in a victim impact statement read to Moorabbin Magistrates' Court, revealing she sought to quit the relationship with Yemini eight times.

According to the Herald Sun, the Israeli-Australian dual national had already pled guilty to both crimes.

At the same time, Yemini's defense counsel Deborah Mandie stated that her client had already served his term because he had been "destroyed" in the media.

Yemini was fined $3,600 and found guilty of violating a personal safety order after failing to remove an internet video that had nothing to do with Ms. Lyford, as the court had directed.

 Avi Yemini Harassing Restaurant Patrons Video: Is He Arrested? 

Avi Yemini, the chief Oz reporter for @RebelNewsOnline, is being investigated, not yet arrested, by police after horrifying footage of a conflict between him and a group of diners attempting to enjoy their supper after Melbourne's lockdown surfaced.

Yemini is seen approaching a group of individuals sitting outside a Spring Street restaurant, ostensibly interviewing them.

On a nearby table, a guy and a woman, as well as three males, can be heard constantly begging Yemini not to come over and to leave them alone.

Yemini is shown reluctant to go. When he approaches the table with the three men, they warn him to leave them alone.

The man at the first table goes over to take Yemini's microphone.

When Yemini's tall security guard approaches, a conflict ensues.

Yemini's security officer is seen pushing the man and placing his hands on the woman's face in the video. He did not strike her. Other patrons at the restaurant can be seen asking for a group of nearby police officers.

The policemen then break up the altercation. Yemini and his bodyguard are seen going away.