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Avery Shoaf Net Worth, Wife, Family, Age, Height - Rust Valley Restorers
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Avery Shoaf. Who is this guy? The people who watch the History Channel show ‘Rust Valley Restorers’ might know him. Rests of you surely don’t know anything about him. Though he is in the show he is not someone very famous. I don’t know why you are even searching for his information on the internet. Ok ok, don’t get offended. I understand some of you really want to know information about him.

Avery is one the cast member of the documentary show Rust Valley Restorers. This is the information you already know if you watch the show. Moreover, it is the Canadian television documentary series.

At first, let me tell you what really happens in the show ‘Rust Valley Restorers’. There is a crew who are really interested in the car. Avery is one of them. They have a garage in Rust Valley which is at the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. They restore the unused car of the mountain. Also, they give those cars a classic look and they sell them. It’s all that happens in the show.

Let’s know more about Avery.

Avery Shoaf Net Worth

Avery might have a decent amount of net worth. Or he mightn’t have. He might be very rich or mightn’t. You are getting what I am trying to say. Aren’t you? No! Ok, let me tell you then. I was trying to say we don’t have the information about his net worth.

Is it really necessary to know about his worth? Even if you will know about his net worth then what good will happen to you. Neither he will give you some nor someone will ask you about his worth.

Avery Shoaf Wife


Who is the wife of Avery? Sorry to say but we even don’t know whether he is a married person or not. Hypothetically let us think that he has a very beautiful and caring wife.

And he loves her more than anything in the world. If our thinking is true by coincidence then he is a very lucky man.

Let’s keep it that way. He is a very lucky man to have such a gorgeous wife.

Avery Shoaf Family

The details of Avery’s family is not available. But let’s hope that he has a very happy family. Though we don’t have the information about his family.

But guess what! We have the information about his family from the show Rust Valley Restorers. His crews are also his family.

Aren’t they? They are Michael Daingerfield, Mike Hall, and Connor Hall.

Avery Shoaf is Possibly 50 years old in Age

The actual age of Avery is not available. However, looking at his pictures and seeing him on his show, he looks like he is in his fifties.

Avery Shoaf Height: Is he above 1.65 m?

The information is not available. But looking at his pictures, he seems to have above average height. And talking about his body, he has a big body.

I guess he more bodyweight than required for his height and age. In addition, he has long hairs and fair skin.

Check this Instagram page to see the work of Avery and his teams.

This is all we know about Avery.