Autumn Guzzardi Wikipedia, Husband ( Dan Horton Ex Wife) Age, Birthday and More

Autumn Guzzardi Wikipedia, Husband ( Dan Horton Ex Wife) Age, Birthday and More

Autumn Guzzardi has not reached that peak level of fame where newspapers are full of headlines about her but she has been a talk of the town recently because she dissed a big-name singer in the Instagram.

Autumn threw shade at Lady Gaga. I mean the news was to be made about that when you diss somebody as globally famous as Lady Gaga herself. She is an actress who’s done theatre, television, movies and lotta other impressive kinds of work but what made her really famous is her and Lady Gaga’s feud. I guess you can’t call it a feud when it’s literally only Autumn making statements.

Autumn Guzzardi Wikipedia

There is no Wikipedia page related to Autumn. See, only high profile and famous people got their own wiki page. That’s not supposed to be an insult to anyone though. Autumn has no wiki page and that’s okay.

But the various sites available online have information regarding her life and career. Her acting credits include Elementary, Blue Bloods, Law and Order: Special Victims Unit and Elementary.

The details about her childhood, her education, and personal life is not that much a matter of public concern because it’s not available online.

She resides currently on New York and is Caucasian in terms of ancestry. She is Christian by her faith.

Autumn Guzzardi Ex-Husband Dan Horton and her current Husband

Autumn Guzzardi has been married to Don Horton – the music producer but it ‘d be more appropriate to use the verb clause ‘was married to’ because she broke up with him just recently. She married in 2013 and got divorced in 2018.

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Autumn Guzzardi Age 37 years old

According to some site online, Autumn is currently 37 years of age. She really has seen lotta summers and winters but actually, she is not that old.

Like 37 still is a wonderful age to be. That’s all we know about her age and all she’s telling us. So, I guess let’s move on.

Autumn Guzzardi Birthday Details

There are no exact birthday details regarding Autumn Guzzardi. We know that she was born in 1982 and that’s all. So, if you were gonna throw a birthday party on her birthday, I am sorry.

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Autumn Guzzardi shades Lady Gaga on Instagram

Lady Gaga and Don Horton were caught on public smooching and it lighted the internet on fire. After Gaga’s just fresh off her Bradley Cooper romance rumors and divorce from her fiance, it was really great tea for the internet.

Moreover, fans were really out their with their fallen jaws when Autumn got in and said her things. She had nothing to say but poted this post.

The post itself is pretty self-explanatory. She’s got her poker face on and that’s all we will be talking about because this tea is too hot to handle for us mere mortals.