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Austyn Tester Wikipedia, Net Worth, Insta, Now, Age (Jawline)
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Austyn Tester is a popular social media star. He is most popular on Tik Tok and Instagram.

Austyn Tester Wikipedia

Austyn Tester was born on October 31, 2000, at Kingsport, Tennessee. He was born under the zodiac sign of Scorpio.

Tester is American by nationality. In addition, he is one of the young celebrity and an inspirer as well.

Austyn got fame in 2016 when he worked as an actor in the documentary film, Jawline. Also, Tester was featured in POMSCON Tour along with Mario Selman, Cat Selman, 99GoonSquad and Flemingeos. As of now. he is preparing to join a community college.

One of the parents of Austyn is Candy Tester. He also has a sibling named Donovan Tester. Other information regarding his family is still a secret.

Austyn Tester Net Worth: $1 Million


As per a trusted online site, Austyn has an approximate net worth of $1 million.

Obviously, we all know he has a lot of income-generating sources. However, the exact income of this star is still unknown.

Insta: @austyntester

Austyn started posting on his Instagram from February 18, 2016. Currently, he has a 22 K+ fan following. Till date, he has posted 82 posts including photos and videos. All the id details of his Snapchat, Twitter, and Gmail can be found through his Insta’s bio.

Austyn has as many followers on Tik Tok as on Instagram. He has a fan following of over 18 K on Tik Tok. In Tik Tok, mostly he is popular for his pop lip-sync and rap videos. Rather than male, Tester has more female followers.

Austyn Tester Age Now in 2019

Currently, Austyn is 18 years. He will turn into 19 by this October. Tester is planning to join a community college for further study. Moreover, he wants to be an actor in the mere future. Austyn is growing as a very handsome and charming adult.


The jawline is a documentary film which starred Austyn. Along with Austyn, his mother Candy and brother Donovan can also be seen in this documentary. Jawline shows the reality of online fame. The movie won the Special Jury Price for Emerging Filmmaker after it was featured at Sundance in 2018.

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The jawline is all about the journey of Austyn becoming a social media star and an influencer. The fan-meet part of the movie has a deep meaning of today’s media culture. But to the most, Jawline picturizes a good looking rural area boy who enters into a fascinating world full of entertainment.

Really, Austyn is such a lucky boy. He was selected randomly for broadcasting by seeing him in an app. Since then, he entered into a glamorous world leaving the rural and restricted life of Tennessee behind.

He gained a lot of success from Jawline. We wish him all the best for his future projects too.