The Guardian Aubrey Allegretti Wikipedia & Bio

The Guardian political correspondent Aubrey Allegretti is not available on Wikipedia as of now.

With that, his bio becomes scarce over the internet.

However, his brief information is available on the sky news website.

Aubrey started his journalistic career at Dod Group PLC as a party conference reporter, where he worked for just a month in 2013.

Then, he went to The Badge newspaper as an Editor-in-chief and later joined the Times as a political researcher.

However, he acquired his credibility as a journalist in Huffpost, working as a reporter, from 2015-2017.

As per his LinkedIn, Allegretti has received a journalism diploma from Brighton Journalist Works after getting his BA in Politics from University of Sussex.

Currently, he is associated with The Guardian, after leaving Sky News, in the early of this year.

Besides The Guardian, he makes some time for the Student Publication Association, a Trustee.

Aubrey Allegretti Age

Aubrey Allegretti's present age is not available.

There isn't any information about his current age on any of his short bio over the internet.

As per his Twitter information, Aubrey celebrates his birthday on March 24.

Looking at his recent pictures, he looks around 30-35 years old.

The journalist currently resides in Westminster, London.

Aubrey Allegretti Salary

Aubrey Allegretti has not revealed his salary yet to the public.

So, exactly assuming his wage from his experience seems impossible.

However, as per Glassdoor, the average salary of a journalist at The Guardian is over $57,000 per year.

That means he could earn more or less than the average wage.

Working as a political correspondent, especially for The Guardian, is financially profitable.