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Athlete Matthew Boling Height: Matthew Boling is a thriving American athlete and professional runner with a towering height of 6 feet 2 inches.

His long legs which have aided in his tall height has proved to become a boon to him for his running career.

The talented and versatile sportsman has recently broke “all-condition” high school 100-meter record while he also participated at the Class 6A Region III on 27 April 2019 that was held at the Challenger Columbia Stadium.

His majestic physical appearance along with his blonde hair and blue eye color gives him a charming look with a charismatic personality.

Matthew Boling Weight – 78 Kilos (171 lbs)

Young athlete Mathew whose recent video went viral over the internet weighs 78 kg. Boling is surely making the most of his low weight in his profession. He is also known as “White Lightning” due to his fair skin and lightning speed.

Matthew Boling Age – 18 Years Old


“How old is Matthew Boling?” The 2001 Texas-born young athlete is 18 years now as of 2019. He is a high school student in the Houston Strake Jesuit High School in Texas where he is still pursuing his studies.

Despite his young age, he has become a running sensation who has been appreciated by a lot of many sprinters and it seems that he will only get better in running with his growing age.

Matthew Boling Family

Houston Texas boy Matthew Boling’s family details are yet to be revealed officially to the media and public. As per the rumors on the internet, his father Mark Boling and his mother (name not confirmed yet) are business professionals based in Texas.

Anyway, there is no information about whether he has siblings or not.

Matthew Boling 100m Race

Matthew Boling has set a new record of the fastest 100m dash in high school history. The American young athlete completed the 100m race in just 9.98 seconds. The video of his race where he outraces all his competitors have gone viral over the internet and has made people going crazy over it.

The record of the Texan athlete in the Challenger Columbia Stadium, however, will not be counted as a national record due to the prevailing 4.2 mph wind while the race took place. Having said that, it is still the fastest ‘all-conditions ’record in high school history.

His 100m sprint has been appreciated by many sprinters including retired sprinter Ato Boldon who won silver in the 100m at the 2000 Sydney Olympics and Bronze in the 1996 Athens Games. After his sprint, he has also been compared with the legendary sprinter Usain Bolt but only time will show if these comparisons are legitimate.

Matthew Boling Wiki and Others

Matthew Boling Wikipedia: Matthew Boling is the recent hot news in the USA after his 100m performance but still, there is no information available about him in Wiki. A lot of other websites have posted details about the high school athlete writing mainly about his unbelievable 100m race triumph.

Apart from the 100m race Boling also helped his school win a gold medal in the 400-meter relay race with a record time of only 40.72 seconds. In the 1600-meter relay, his team bagged gold with a time of 3 minutes and 13.7 seconds. Even in the long jump, he claimed the first position with a leap of 25 feet and 2 inches.