Asmr Darling Age, Wiki, Net Worth How Old Is She, Who Is Her Boyfriend?

ASMR Darling is a trendy American YouTube star who is widely perceived for creating ASMR videos. She has amassed more than 2.3 million subscribers on her YouTube channel “ASMR Darling” which she launched on 10 December 2014 and has over 44 million views. She makes Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response (ASMR) videos which are meant to trigger the amazing tingly feeling to help insomnia and anxiety.

ASMR Darling Age –How Old Is She?

ASMR Darling’s current age is 21 as she was born on 14 May 1997 and soon she will be celebrating her 22nd Born and grew up in Florida, her real name is Taylor Darling. She was raised alongside her two siblings, a brother, and a sister.

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Only on her early twenties, she has gained intense success through her creativity and continuous hustle that has helped her amasses millions of subscribers on her YouTube channel. One of the inspiring YouTuber, she is pro in bestowing relaxing moments to her followers through satisfying sounds of props along with her soothing voice.

On the other hand, she is equally gorgeous despite abandoning heavy makeup and keeping her wardrobe decent yet elegant. She has gray eyes, long golden-brown hair, and a sparkling fair complexion. She has a cute face along with a wide smile and graceful demeanor.

ASMR Darling Wiki

ASMR Darling is a writer, content creator, director, and YouTuber along with fame enough to brag her own Wiki. A native of Florida, she is famous for her YouTube channel “ASMR Darling” which is the major ASMR channel on the internet.

She played in various community and school theater productions and was active in sports such as tennis, flag football, volleyball, and soccer. Moreover, she was also named Homecoming Queen in high school during her freshman year. Later, she became interested in ASMR and joined YouTube to share her creation amid people.

Though joined YouTube on 10 December 2014 she uploaded her first ASMR video on 12 March 2016 entitled “ASMR Whispered Bubbly Makeup Roleplay”. She has also appeared in PewDiePie’s video “My Favorite Horror Game”. Currently, her YouTube Channel has become the largest ASMR channel on the podium.

Her main ASMR triggers are an ear to ear whisper, tapping, scratching, affirmations, compliments, roleplay, hair play, hair brushing, personal attention, close-up, words, face touching, and microphone brushing. Her videos simply help people to relax and fall to sleep as soon as possible.

ASMR Darling Net Worth

ASMR Darling’s net worth hasn’t been disclosed by any verified sites, however, she was estimated to earn $1000 each day by the Wired UK in February 2019 through advertising income on her channel which means that she surely has amassed her fortunes in millions.

Who Is ASMR Darling’s Boyfriend?

ASMR Darling seems to be relishing her single life rather wasting her time over boyfriend stuff. However, she was previously in controversy when her alleged boyfriend called Matthew hacked her channel and uploaded crime movie and posted Darling’s deleted tweet of years back.

Then, her viewers commented on her videos regarding their curiosities about her abusive relationship, but later she made video requesting commentators to stop commenting and that was when she lost around 4000 subscribers from her channel along with several skeptical comments on other social media.

Furthermore, there has never been heard anything about her other relationships neither she has dropped any hint about her love life.