Asia Rochon Fuqua Instagram, Age, Height, Boyfriend, Wiki, Family

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Asia Rochon Fuqua Instagram, Age, Height, Boyfriend, Wiki, Family

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In this age of social media, platforms like YouTube, Instagram, Tik Tok have rightfully earned many people a celebrity tag. Anyone with a specific talent and who are eager to show the world their ability can easily rise to fame with social platforms these days. The word entertainer applies to every individual.

Those who want to entertain others and those who seek it are well connected to each other. In the race of newcomers, the celebrity kids have inherited a huge infinity towards fame and media attention. Similarly, Asia Rochon Fuqua is just another celebrity child who is quite popular on social media outlets.

Born to father Antoine Fuqua and mother Lela Rochon inherited her parent’s fame right from her birth. Similar to other celebrity kids, Asia is a popular adult because of her celebrity parents. Her mother Lela Rochon is a successful American actress, while her father is a popular film producer and director.

As her father is a popular film producer and director, Asia is set to make her movie debut in the coming days. But is there anything that’s rightfully her’s and her alone. Well, she has got a charming face, an enticing personality and is as beautiful as her mother. Besides her parent’s fame, Asia is an aspiring model and social media personality, on her own rights.

Find out in details about Asia Rochon Fuqua in here.

Asia Rochon Fuqua Instagram

As mentioned earlier, Asia Rochon Fuqua is a celebrity family member, aspiring model, and a social media personality. Thanks to her high profile media appearances and public appearances, Asia has successfully garnered an appreciable fan base on social accounts.

She has thousands of followers on her Instagram page, as well as on her Instagram account.

The gorgeous lady goes by ‘asiafuqua‘ on Instagram. The lady loves to flaunt her personal belongings to her thousands of followers. She is often spotted with her parents and friends on her Instagram account.

She is very close to her mother and there are many pictures of her with her mother on her Instagram page. Likewise, she loves to flaunt her travel and vacation diaries with her Instagram family.

Asia Rochon Age/ Height

Born in the year 2002, Asia Rochon Fuqua celebrates her birthday on the 28th of July.

Awaiting her 17th birthday on July 28, 2019, Asia is 16 years old at present. The lady was as cute as a button back in those days but is already a teenager now.

Fast forward to now, she is as beautiful as her actress mother. She has grown up to a great lovely teenager and a mother’s darling, as well. During the 2017 National Daughter Day, Lela Rochon shared a picture of her daughter on her Instagram. As soon as her fans shaw the post, they were shocked to see how fast she grew up to an adult.

Though Asia’s height isn’t available as of now, she stands a few inches short to her mother. Her mother, Lela stands 1.75 meters tall.

Who Is Her Boyfriend? Wiki/ Family

Asia grew up under strict surveillance of her parents. As of now, there aren’t any details about her love life and boyfriend on the internet.

Moreover, she has been spotted with any of her love interest in the public, as of now.

Except for her love life, she has a family of four.

Besides, her father and mother, Asia have a younger brother named Brandon Fuqua born in 2004. Brandon is 15 years of age at present.