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Ashely Jacobs is a reality TV star and is an American woman from Santa Barbara, CA to be even more specific about her home place.

She has been very popular for her reality TV show and all thanks to the American people who should reconsider their watching habits on television maybe.

Because the more reality TV they watch, the more catastrophic people they will elect. Although I can’t think of bigger oopsie than Donald Trump in the world politics right now, let’s get on with Ashley Jacobs and her life for now.

Ashley Jacobs Age – 34 years

Ashley Jacobs is 34 years of age during the time of this article’s writing.

The details about her parents are not disclosed yet but we know that she celebrated her birthday on 1st December every year.

She was born in 1984 and it must have been very fun growing on that era when George Bush Sr. was president and started US invasion to oil-rich countries.

Ashley Jacobs Boyfriend


Ashley Jacobs apparently has no boyfriend according to the sources on the internet. But that could be secret. For all we know, she could be having a great time with her boyfriend on a sailboat in the Bahamas but it’s a secret.

However, she was in a relationship with her ex-boyfriend Thomas Ravenel and also had two children with Thomas. But they could not make it work and split.

You might be surprised but Ashley has said that she was really lucky to have met Thomas. Sweet thing to say, isn’t it?

Ashley Jacobs Net Worth – Around $100,000 dollars

According to the gossip on the internet, Ashley Jacobs is worth around $100,000 dollars. The details of her salary are not published to the media outlets.

Also, the details about her cars and house and Gucci bags are not found on the Internet which is pretty fresh because every reality TV star has those information spread across the Internet.

Ashley Jacobs and Weight Loss

On a reunion episode of her reality TV show ‘Southern Charm’, fans were shocked to see her sudden weight loss. Before there are any speculations about her health and other stuff, she made it clear that the weight loss was just a result of strenuous production hours for her show.

And, she also credited her weight loss to the criticism of the fans and her disappointment on becoming the villain in the show.

Ashley Jacobs Husband and Pregnancy

Ashley Jacobs is apparently single but all that may change because she was seen recently enjoying a dinner with her ex-boyfriend Thomas Ravanel.

Fans are speculating that they are going to reconcile after all the times of being separated.

There were also rumors concerning Ashley Jacob’s pregnancy but all that seems to be quite false and several people have many bad things to say about those rumors but it is apparently false that Ashley is pregnant again.