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Ashleigh Buhai Net Worth, Husband, Nationality, Age (LPGA) Family Facts
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 I don’t think you have anything to do with what I feel about golf. And I don’t think you give a damn about anything I think. However, I am just gonna push it into you.

I think Golf is for rich people. At least that’s what I used to think. Now that’s something that doesn’t have a tiny bit of connection with Ashleigh Buhai. Why in the world would she care about what nonsense I cook inside my head?

By the way, we will be talking about the person I just mentioned, if you were cool enough to notice. She is a professional Golfer, as far as we know.

Well, I don’t think you are here to listen to some unnecessary talks from a person you don’t even know. So, let’s just dive into the real matter.

Quick Facts on Ashleigh Buhai

  • Like we have already said, Ashleigh is a professional golfer from South Africa.
  • She was born on 11 May 1989. So, that makes her 30 years of age as of this day.
  • Currently, she is playing the LPGA Tour and Ladies European Tour.
  • Buhai had a very successful career as an Amateur. Moreover, she is playing pretty good as a pro as well.
  • The 30 years old Golfer turned pro in 2007. It’s been 12 years since then.
  • Something interesting here. Buhai was the youngest player to win the Ladies’ South African Amateur Stroke play.
  • Also, she is the first player in 101 years to win the ladies South African Open title three times.
  • You can say it a bit of good luck or just a coincidence, Buhai turned professional on her 18th birthday.
  • Her birth sign is Taurus.

So, these are some basic facts about Ashleigh at a glance. For knowing more about her life, you need not do anything tiring. Just read the article to the end.

Age: 30 years


Born on 11 May 1989, Buhai is currently 30 years of age. That’s something wee discussed already.


Ashleigh was born in South Africa. So by birth, she holds South American Nationality. Even if she changes it, there is nothing we can do.

Husband, Family Facts

Ashley is married to David Buhai. The couple tied the knots in December of 2016. After all, Christmas is a good time to marry. Santa is really pleased.

Apart from that, we don’t have much info about her family. Maybe she doesn’t want us to know. Or she simply doesn’t have time to share such stuff with irrelevant people like me and you.

Doesn’t seem like she has children either. After all, she is just 30 and having a great career in golf. There’s still time for family and such stuff. Well, that’s what she might be thinking

Net Worth

Ashleigh turned pro in 2007 in has had 5 professional wins since then. Although we have no authentic records that give us valid information about her net worth, we can guess that she has earned plenty of money in this period.

However, guessing is just not enough. People need numbers. However, we don’t have that.